Martin Fehérváry: “My Childhood Dream Would Come True” [Translated Interview]

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Washington Capitals defensive prospect Martin Fehérváry has had an impressive year since being drafted by the Capitals in the second round of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. The 19-year-old climbed to the top of HV71’s defensive corp during the course of last year’s SHL season. He turned in an impressive showing at the World Juniors last winter and did the same at the World Championships in May. He then wrapped up his hockey year with a great showing at his second Capitals’ development camp at the end of June. Fehérváry was recently interviewed by Slovakian media upon his return home to Bratislava, Slovakia, after this year’s camp. The following is a translation of an interview by Juraj Hudak for Sport.Sk.

Martin Fehérváry has been working out with the Washington Capitals for the second straight year. While he has played in the Swedish Top League for HV 71 during the past season, he wants to spend the following year overseas. According to the 19-year-old native from Bratislava, he likes the NHL.

The journey to the first team will certainly not be easy. Although Washington has released a couple of defensive players, Martin Fehérváry expects a tough fight for a spot.

During the last (development) camp he attended at the end of June, the club’s coaches praised him in many ways. This was confirmed by our promising defender in the interview for Š .

You recently attended a development camp in Washington. What feelings did you leave with?

“Overall, it was more enjoyable than the first year. It was my second such camp. I already know the leadership, a number of the players, and I have good friends there. I think it went great. ”

What was camp like? How many times were you on the ice?

“We had a lot of days there, we started each day at 6 am. Then we moved to the training area where we had the first day tests. The next days we had ice time in the morning, then the gym and vice versa. We also had a lot of meetings there. ”

You had a great feeling about Washington. True?

“They were satisfied. They also praised me last season, how I dealt with everything and how I had success. They also liked my performances at the camp. They were very surprised at how I took it all. I had more confidence. I think I showed a good camp, I had excellent tests, which made them very happy. ”

What do you still need to improve to settle firmly on the first team?

“They told me different things to help me get onto the first team. I need a little more strength to be ready for the world’s best players. I have to be even stronger on the puck and make better passes. These were the two things I wanted to work on. ”

Is it possible that we will see you in the upcoming year for the first team?

“I hope so. I’ll do anything to make it work. I will come to the camp prepared. I want to prepare with quality training and I hope that this year I will succeed. ”

Can you even imagine what it will be like to be on a team with Alex Ovechkin?

“It would be really great. He is one of the best players in the world. For me it would be a really great honor to play with such a player. There are also other great hockey players. If I jumped into the NHL, my childhood dream would come true. ”

Did they tell you at the camp that this year could come out?

“They told me they made a lot of changes, which made some positions available. Long-time defenseman Brooks Orpik retired and they traded Matt Niskanen. Both have been a strong part of the team for years, so I think there’s definitely a place. However, there is still great competition to be expected. ”

Washington has recently signed Richard Panik. Have you spoken to him?

“Not yet, I just wrote him a text message and congratulated him on signing, which makes me very happy. It’s great that we’ll have two Slovaks if I can get into the first team. ”

It looks like a nice Czech-Slovak enclave is also being featured in Washington. In addition to Richard Pánik, Radko Gudas, who is supplemented by Michal Kempný and Jakub Vrána …

“I’d definitely be delighted if we were there. I spent some time with Jakub Vrána and I also know Michal Kempný. Jakub is a great guy. The first time I was there last year, he just took me to dinner. From both of them I had a pleasant feeling. I could turn to them when I needed anything. It would be nice if we all formed the first team and everyone was there in such an abundance. ”

By Juraj Hudak

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