Thoughts from Section 217: Looking for an Emotional Reset

IMG_3295I’m sure after the game last night so many of us started thinking “not again”. I’d be lying if I didn’t start feeling a wee bit of “Capsitis” coming on. You know the symptoms; feeling of doom and gloom, body aches, grumpiness, and an overwhelming urge to drink bleach.

What is it that people turn to in order to lighten their mood? Social media says kittens and puppies. For your emotional health I give you, Caps fans, a Beagle and a (gentle) Beast.

As I have written about before, we all have reasons for liking a certain player on a team, a reason why we buy their jersey (or sweater depending on what term you prefer). My reasoning isn’t due to the fact they are a “star” player on the team but a combination of how I love the way they play on the ice and how they interact with we, the fans, off it.

For me, Jay Beagle and Braden Holtby get what it’s like to be a fan of the team. That’s not to say the rest of the team doesn’t. Both are gracious with their time, make you feel as though they truly enjoy taking pictures, signing autographs, and  meeting those of us that support the team.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both of them on a few occasions and their smiles and demeanor never seem forced. I was even able to get my No. 83 jersey signed on a day Beagle wasn’t even on the ice for practice due to an injury. I want to joke and says it’s because he saw all of us crazies standing outside in the freezing cold so he decided to throw us a “bone”, but that’s against his “good boy” nature. Both he and Holtby are truly in my opinion fan ambassadors for the Washington Capitals.

Writing this has been cathartic for me as it reminded me of why I love this team and everything they stand for, why I will support them no matter the outcome of the postseason, why I will continue to be a season ticket holder.

This is my “emotional reset”. You may or may not agree. To that I say “you do you, and I’ll do me”.  I’m up for more Beagle and Beast pictures. I’ve showed you mine, let me see yours.

By Lisa Desabrais

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  1. Sharona says:

    TJ Oshie comes to mind, as well…I’ve personally witnessed him go out of his way after practices to make connections with the kids waiting to meet their heroes. Part of what I love about this team is that attitude toward us, the fans.

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