Capitals Cut 11 From Training Camp Roster: Nicolas Aube-Kubel, Hunter Shepard And Joe Snively Placed On Waivers For Purpose Of Loan To Hershey

The Washington Capitals have announced more cuts to the training camp roster as the Monday deadline to submit final rosters gets closer. 

The Capitals assigned Hendrix Lapierre, Vincent Iorio, Ethen Frank, Riley Sutter and Chase Priskie to Hershey. They did not have to go through the waiver process. Frank, Sutter, Priskie and Lapierre played in yesterday’s preseason tilt against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Sutter had a two point night, including the game-winning goal, and Lapierre had an empty net tally. Priskie also had the primary assist on Aliaksei Protas’s goal.

Furthermore, the Caps placed Nicolas Aube-Kubel, Alex Limoges, Michael Sgarbossa, Dylan McIlrath, Joe Snively and goaltender Hunter Shepard on waivers for purposes of loan to Hershey. They will report to Hershey if they go unclaimed by 2PM on Saturday.

Aube-Kubel is the most intriguing addition to waivers as he was expected to be a fourth line winger. However, it seems like Matthew Phillips may have taken his place.

Shepard is another addition that is interesting. He backstopped the Bears in the playoffs en route to their 12th Calder Cup. If he gets claimed by another team, the starting role in Chocolate Town will be up for grabs.

The Capitals current training camp roster, following Friday’s round of cuts:

The Capitals have 27 remaining on their training camp roster, including Max Pacioretty and Joel Edmindson, who will likely start the season on injured reserve. They will need to make two more cuts, assuming Mitchell Gibson will be returned to Hershey over the weekend.

The Capitals play their final preseason game against the Blue Jackets tomorrow at Capital One Arena and open the regular season against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday, Oct. 13. 

By Jacob Cheris

About Jon Sorensen

Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His interest in the Caps has grown over the decades and included time as a season ticket holder. He has been a journalist covering the team for 10+ years, primarily focusing on analysis, analytics and prospect development.
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39 Responses to Capitals Cut 11 From Training Camp Roster: Nicolas Aube-Kubel, Hunter Shepard And Joe Snively Placed On Waivers For Purpose Of Loan To Hershey

  1. Jon Sorensen says:

    Shepard is a serious concern.

    • Brianna says:

      What is wrong with Hunter. Also will Bogdan will go back to KHL if Joe clear waivers

      • Jon Sorensen says:

        I don’t get it either Briana. The Caps must see something I haven’t seen in last 50 games. Perplexing,

        • Anonymous says:

          Wondering if the problem is that he is 28 and had no time in the NHL and the Caps think that he will go unclaimed or if claimed they are happy with the much younger goalies that they have. Also if claimed does he not have to go on the active roster? If so that will deter a lot of teams. And I think that Snively goes in the same category, although if claimed he could be a spot player somewhere else and be a healthy scratch most of the time. I could see the Pens taking a flyer on him and Shepard especially with the goalie problems they have had.

    • Nancy S says:

      I’m a bit curious…is it just that he was waived earlier, than on Monday? Because I figured we already know who are our main goalies for this season, barring injury. If Caps had waited to waive any of players, then all the other teams would be unable to add him/them onto their rosters at the deadline?

  2. Jon Sorensen says:

    Additionally, looks like the 4th line is set. Malenstyn-Dowd-Protas

  3. Old Man Walking says:

    the Hunter Shepard move is a head scratcher

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s gone. Too many goaltender needs around the league

    • Anonymous says:

      Not really as he is 28 and has no NHL experience. I could see where the Pens might come calling.

      • Eric Lord says:

        I’d be more worried about Tampa or Colorado claiming Shepard than I would the Pens. Their goaltending duo is set. Tampa is going with Jonas Johansson in goal right now & Colorado’s backup is out for the foreseeable future.

        • Anonymous says:

          Once again at 28 and NO NHL experience if someone takes him and puts him on their roster congrats to him. Not worried because by the time he would be looking at an opening, unless someone gets traded this year, Gibson should be ready and maybe others.

  4. DWGie26 says:

    Very surprised that NAK got cut but not banged up about it. I’m excited to see a 4th line of Malenstyn-Dowd-Protas. They have all earned spots. I don’t think Phillips will be a 4th liner. More likely 13th change of pace guy as long as Mantha in the lineup.

    With regards to Mantha and his situation, i think he has played better but also still looks disengaged and uninspiring. I think they will need to play him for a bit and see if he can really get on track for purpose of building some trade value as injuries will happen. Just sitting him will not solve some bigger issues like cap space and roster spots.

    If we LTIR both Patches and Edmundson then we can afford 14F and 7D 2G. But when Edmundson comes back we’ll have a Cap issue and I’d love to solve that by moving Mantha. I hate to root for injuries to other teams, but that is going to be the pre-requisite for Mantha’s value on trade market.

    • Anonymous says:

      Personally I thought that both the Edmundson and Pachioretty signings were of little use. The need to have our younger D-men get ice time negates the need to sign him. And as for signing someone who is going to be on IR to start the season and not knowing when he will be able to play especially when you have younger players to give that shot to is silly.

      IMHO the silliest of all is ownership and management thinking that they are a playoff team and a legitimate cup contender. I know they have to say it but seriously, the need for playing the younger players to see what they really have outweighs the signing of both players.

      As for Mantha give him a few games and if he does not produce into the stands he goes to be a healthy scratch.

      • Anonymous says:

        From on Anonymous to another, I agree. I believe GMBM made those signings before Carberry came on board. The good news is he’s letting Carberry decide who to play and keep.

    • MrKrabs says:

      I’d send Mantha thru waivers. Anyone who really wants him isn’t going to make a trade when they can pick him up as a UFA next season. We’re stuck with his salary whether he’s here or in Hershey.

      • Anonymous says:

        If that were the case and it was as simple as that it would have already happened. Does not matter if it is regular waivers or unconditional waivers the team is still help responsible for his salary. However unconditional waivers can only happen during June. As for waiving him to send him to Hershey, Why? I would not want him playing with our younger players as I do not think he has anything to offer them. So his best place will bein the stands eating popcorn and nachos as his salary will not come off the books.

        FYI: A player’s waiver status is based on a combination of the age at which he signed his first NHL contract, the number of games played after the contract was signed, and years in the league. Also, waiver eligibility is different for skaters and goalies. So I think that he is waiver exempt as he signed his 1st contract at 19 and has more than 4 years in the league and more than 160games played.

  5. Prevent Defense says:

    Thanks for the analysis Jacob!
    Veteran Caps watcher here, 49th annual Caps Training Camp examination! Observation:

    This is one of the all-time talented Caps’ teams from top to bottom. Certainly light-years more talent than the pre-Ovechkin and pre-Boudreau years. Maybe not the best team factoring in age and health? But certainly the most talented. It’s not even close.

    Carbery administration is VERY SMART to bring newcomers onto the roster, to take a chance on players who have definitely “beaten out” others during preseason. Freezing out huge numbers of prospects, year after year, kills morale and points prospects away from the franchise. Many commenters have pointed this out … the loss of Brett Leason and Axel Jonsson-Fjallby irritated many fans. This year is different — finally.
    Caps have played exceptionally well in past two games, controlling large segments of the play. Prospects have played well, and so have the veterans.

    Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, Carlson, Backstrom, and Wilson look as good as they have in years. TJ Oshie has played fewer minutes but looks healthy. All sorts of folks ragging on the Caps vets, especially Anthony Mantha. But he had a great camp and was a few inches away from five goals. D-Jensen is a bit behind in camp but remains a solid NHL defenseman.

    There’s no convincing the boo-bird class that the Caps are anything but a disastrous basket case, who $ukk $ukk $ukk, and will finish Dead Last in the Eastern Conference. So be it. I like the 06 October 2023 Caps and look forward for further debates with the Boo-bird class when Thanksgiving rolls around.

    Finally — I can already hear the caterwauls and shrieking and howling and screaming that Hunter Shepard didn’t make the team — and is on waivers

    • Anonymous says:

      Book marking for reply about 30 days into the season

      Where do you get your happy pills? They seem to work really well?

      Backstrom had a hard time back checking and keeping up with the plays in the last game. He gave up on back checking at one point.

      Oshie will be injured it is pretty much what he does best

      Carlson should be a forward because he can’t play D

      Can’t wait to see where this “talented team” ends up come play offs.

      The Kool Aid tastes delicious though

      • franky619 says:

        Saw the same thing about Backstrom, not sure what people are referring to when they thought he looked like his old self. The player who could have a major impact is Strome, he’s looking more and more like a 3rd overall draft pick and a legit 1c. He should be playing with Ovy and Willy and also drive the 1st PP unit. Saddly they’ll probably bury him on the 3rd line and give him mostly Dzone starts since they’ll start Backstrom almost exclusively in the Offensive zone.

    • Anonymous says:

      As far as Hunter is concerned he showed nothing in games and at 28 has no NHL experience. He should clear waivers unless someone, I’m thinking maybe the Pens, take a look at him. Just wish that he had been given some games last season. Who knows maybe he ends up back in Hershey and plays well and since injuries happen he gets his call again.

      As far as “This is one of the all-time talented Caps’ teams from top to bottom.” I agree with you; however being talented does not make them winners. But yes the most and best talented team I have seen in my 40 years of watching them, on paper. Lets just see if for some, Backy for 1, how Father Time has treated them and if they can keep up with the young teams like NJ. Or those that have tremendous fire power like Toronto.

      As for Mantha I saw very little difference between the Mantha of last year and what I have seen so far this year. It doesn’t matter if the shot is inches off or 15feet over the net as if it isn’t in the net no goal and doesn’t matter. A reasonable person would think: he is in his contract year and playing for his hockey life so maybe he will have a great year, however so far that is not the case. I foresee that unless he gets it all together and starts the season with a HOT stick and scores a lot he will for the foreseeable future be eating a lot of popcorn and nachos in the rafters.

      As for Jensen he has played about as well as he can.

      For me the keys to this team this year will be how Backy, Kuzy and the D play. I am still not sure about our goalie team but will hope that they can lay well all season. Some of the problems that the goalies have is due to poor D and if they can work on improving it this season then maybe the goalies are better.

      To be honest I am sad that there are not more younger players making this team. And talent does not always result in wins. Especially when you are an old team that lacks speed and has one goal that honestly in the scheme of playoffs and Cups does not matter. I think they will finish where they belong 5-7 in their division and closer to 7 than 5.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The rebuild continues….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will interesting to see if NAK clears. If Caps weren’t in the middle of a rebuild, he would probably keep him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    NAK waived and not the worthless POS MANTHA!!!!????? Spencer already has one strike from me from for not having the balls to tell Mantha to get lost. Taking a chance and waiving NAK is just plain XXXXXX.

    I honestly hope NAK is claimed so he does not have to deal with this dumpster fire of a team GMBM has created. He deserves better.

    I’m losing respect for Spencer more and more as each day passes and the Capitals as a professional organization.

    Sure Phillips scored a goal but he also made some pretty backwards passes and plays that put us in high risk situations. I guess the Capitals will never learn about rushing or now skipping the development of prospects. See Jonas Siegenthaler.

    Next two players who need to be waived are Edmundson and Mantha

    Price of admission for the Caps this season should be that Mantha is waived prior to opening night.

    It is October and we have quiet the Frankenstein team.

    We had a good run, so much that I completely forgot what it feels like to have incompetent leaders calling the shots.

    Waive the guy busting his tail and creating plays but keep the bozo Mantha who can’t score on a empty net from 5 feet away.

    • Robert Wagner says:

      Could not agree more

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree however waving Mantha does nothing as his salary is still on the books and thus prevents another player from being added due to the cap. Edmundson and Pacioretty should have never been signed. For this I blame the Gm and owner for having delusions of grandeur that this team is a legitimate playoff and Cup team, as this team at best comes in 5th in their division and at worst 7th. It is sad that in their eyes it is more important to get one player a record than to make this a playoff team. So we will have 2 more years of this and then they will start the rebuild and that will take what 4-6 years? Guess rather than market the team to come see Ovie get a record or see the young guns they will go back to marketing the other teams stars like they did in the past; when the arena was over 50% jerseys and fans for the other team. Sad days coming!

      • Diane Doyle says:

        Patches was good at one time and might be worth taking a flyer on. I did not agree with Caps acquiring Edmundson as to why give up assets (draft picks) for a third pairing defenseman at a time we have multiple guys vying for his role.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is the Capital Way to trade needed picks or young players for older players with high salaries. That is why they are always in a bind when it comes to signing players. Keep 1 have to let 1 go. The owner, may have been a great idea man when it came to internet business, but his knowledge of running a hockey team is zilch and sad but GMBM goes along to keep his job. This team will have to resort to the marketing plan that they used before Ovie in marketing the stars of other teams and the teams themselves to have the fans come watch for the next 5-7 years and even worse they will squander the high draft picks that they have the next several years to get older players and still be in a salary bind!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be so happy when Mantha is gone so a spot will open for a player deserving of it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well, the problem isn’t Backstrom, the problem is Backstrom’s salary. I’m sure he’ll play as well as he can – a pretty good 3rd line C. But the $9M makes the Caps a non playoff team. How did the Bruins get Bergeron and Kreitje (sp) to play so cheap last year??

    • franky619 says:

      He is a big problem, he’s not a top six and he would be a very very ineffective 3rd liner. A good 3c has more defensive responsabilities, takes more Dzone draws and is tasked with facing other teams top forwards so having speed to backcheck, being good at winning face off, playing with an edge being physical are all attributes that makes great 3c. Backstrom has none of them. Bergeron and Kreicji put the team first, Backstrom wanted the money.

  11. Gerry Todd says:

    I’m of the opinion, that NAK was not the one we need to be putting on waivers. Grit is a thing in hockey and it’s something we have lost focus on (outside of Wilson of course). But to me, he’s not perfect, it he’s a grinder and what we are missing in Hathaway. Mantha needs to go regardless of his cost to the team, which we will have regardless so lose him and keep NAK!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The most ridiculous move was to sign Paches, Edmundson, Jensen and TVR and not Orlov.

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