A Long Fight Happened in Hershey (Video)

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With the Hershey Bears trailing the Charlotte Checkers 1-0 in the second game of a two-game set, a big fight broke out between Anthony Peluso and Zack Storini. The scrap came at 5:06 in the game’s opening period. The fight took a long time lasting for over two minutes. Video below. 

“My goodness, that’s the longest fight I have ever seen,” was how Bears radio play-by-play announcer Zack Fisch described it. The fight lasted for about two minutes and 15 seconds as both refs just watched Peluso and Satorini tangle as the fight went from the neutral zone of the ice all the way to the Bears defensive zone near the goal.

The Bears currently trail the Charlotte Checkers 5-0 after the first period.

By Michael Marzzacco

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