Wilson Fined for Knee-to-Knee hit with Pens Sheary

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Photo: NBC

Washington’s Tom Wilson has been fined $2,403.67, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for kneeing Pittsburgh’s Conor Sheary.

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced Friday afternoon, the fine for Wilson’s questionable hit on Sheary.

The good  news, no suspension. We should remind everyone, Wilson has never been suspended in his NHL career. And it should be noted, no penalty was called on the play, and Sheary was able to continue in the game.


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5 Responses to Wilson Fined for Knee-to-Knee hit with Pens Sheary

  1. Michael Fleetwood says:

    In my personal opinion, Wilson got away with one here. I’m as diehard as any fan in the DMV but Wilson had me steamed last night. All year I’ve defending him and his unfair reputation, but then he goes and has a night like he did. Should’ve kept his cool after the Malkin hit and didn’t. Then hits Sheary knee-on-knee. It doesn’t help his reputation.

    • If you were able to watch a compilation tape of Tom’s season this year following him and nobody else through every game you would change your mind. The illegal hits that he takes that nobody ever sees is constant. He’s doing his job and the players who taunt him are also doing their jobs. He takes a beating and normally keeps his cool for the most part.

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