For the Love of Hockey: A Capitals Style Wedding

Bride and Groom Capitals
Debbie & Dave Maffett, Celebrating their April 23, 2016 Wedding – Washington Capitals Style!

Meet Debbie and Dave. When the two met, they spent a lot of time watching their favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals. They shared a passion for hockey and enjoyed getting together to watch the Capitals play. 

“Dave has been a Capitals fan since forever.”, Debbie said. And Debbie, she’s a DC transplant from Colorado, and began cheering for the Caps about 15 years ago.


Debbie and Dave got engaged this past July, and when they began to plan their wedding, they quickly decided that they wanted to do something a little bit different and very non-traditional. Given their love for the Caps – and due to the significance of how watching the games together, early on in their relationship, brought the two of them closer to one another, they quickly decided on a Washington Capitals themed wedding. And, who needs a while fancy dress?! Debbie opted for white Capitals jerseys with their wedding date of April 23rd or “04” and “23” as their lucky numbers to go on the back.

bride groom and besties

The Bride and Groom, along with their best friends, who stood by their side as they took their vows.

Sticking to non-traditional, there wasn’t a Best Man or a Maid of Honor, the Groom opted for a “Best Woman” JoJo, and the Bride opted for a “Man of Honor”, Tracey. Each of them standing beside Debbie and Dave, in festive red jerseys.

And who needs a church when you can get married in a Camaro on top of an alignment rack at your best friend’s auto shop: Convenience Car Care in Manassas, Virginia.

Bride and Groom and Besties and T-Top Saying “I Do” through the t-top of a Camaro, all dressed up “Capitals Style”!

The reception was held later than evening and everyone was rocking the red! The wedding cake was a three layer red velvet cake (of course!) with the third layer resembling a hockey puck! The cake was made by the bride’s daughter, Stephanie.

Capitals Wedding Cake No. 2
Have you ever seen a puck on top of a cake? And the cake, Red Velvet, of course!

Tomorrow night Debbie and Dave will be celebrating their one week anniversary at the Verizon Center, cheering on the Caps in game two – round two. And, they’ll also be celebrating a milestone birthday for Debbie, she’s turning fifty years young tomorrow. Happiest of birthdays to you, Debbie!  We’re hoping that the Capitals give you another reason to celebrate tomorrow night!

Congratulations Debbie and Dave from everyone at NoVa Caps! And thank you for sharing your story with us.

By Beckie Kulak Reilly

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  1. Jenn says:

    Very cool. I had a Caps themed wedding in 2013…they are the best. Best wishes to the couple!

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