Capitals’ Mark Nemish and Steve Bowman Have Their Day With The Stanley Cup

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Sunday, July 15 was the day that Mark Nemish, the Washington Capitals Strength and Conditioning Coach, was scheduled to spend with the Stanley Cup.  He started his day at the Inova Loudoun Hospital in Leesburg, Virginia. (The lastest updated schedule for Capitals players day with the Stanley Cup can be found here.)

Inova Loudoun Hospital
The Cup was brought to patients, including three-day old Rachel, who cried when she was placed inside the Cup.  (Philip Pritchard, the Keeper of the Cup showed this picture.)


The trophy was on display at Inova’s Lansdowne Campus for 90 minutes.  Hospital employees and their families were invited to line up and get professionally shot pictures with the Cup.

A line of hockey fans, connected with the hospital, were lined up and stretched out the door of the hospital’s main entrance.  Doctors and nurses, still on the clock, peered over the balcony for a glimpse of the shiny trophy.




Nemish, flanked by Loudoun Sherriff’s deputies, took the Cup over to the Birthing Inn where they allowed the parents of a newborn infant their own private viewing of the Stanley Cup and put the baby inside to pose.


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unexpectedly got to see the Stanley cup today 🥅🏒

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At the end of the hospital visit, those working at the Sherriff’s office got to pose with the Stanley Cup.


Further Reading on Inova Hospital Visit
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Celebration at Old 690 Brewing Company
Nemish next stopped at the Old 690 Brewing Company in Purcellville, VA for more celebrating with the Cup.

Video: @LocoKaren

The celebration began at 5:00 p.m. and was primarily held outdoors.  The Stanley Cup itself was placed on a table underneath a tent where fans could pose for a picture with it.





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SkateQuest, Reston, Virginia
Nemish’s last stop of the day was at Skate Quest in Reston, Virginia, to spend a little time with the Reston Raiders Hockey Club.

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Steve Bowman’s Day With The Stanley Cup

Nemish was not the only Caps employee who celebrated a day with the Stanley Cup this weekend.  On Friday, July 13, Capitals Head Amateur Scout, Steve Bowman celebrated his own day with the Cup, in London, Ontario.

Bowman is not the first member of his family to have won the Stanley Cup.  His uncle, Scotty Bowman, and his cousin, Stan Bowman, had both won it many times, seventeen times in all.  Prior to the Caps winning the Cup, his uncle, Scotty, had talked to him on the phone and said that if the Caps win the Cup, his family will have won 18 Cups as a family, total.

Steve replied, ‘Well, I can still say we’ve won 17 right now. That’s still pretty good”.  But Scotty then told  him, “No, you can’t say that until you’ve got one of your own.”  But with the Caps’ Cup win against Las Vegas, now he can say that.

Below are pictures of his Stanley Cup celebration in London, Ontario.  This included a keg stand with the Cup.



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Article from London Free Press

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