Alex Ovechkin Takes in a VTB United League Final Game, Supports His Friend

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Besides his love for hockey, Alex Ovechkin is also a big fan of the game of basketball. Last night, Ovechkin was on hand for the third final game of the VTB United League, where CSKI defeated Khimki to win the tournament. 

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Александр Овечкин – известный любитель баскетбола, поэтому он просто не мог пропустить третий матч финала Единой лиги ВТБ, в котором ЦСКА обыграл «Химки» (95:72) и в шестой раз подряд стал победителем турнира. Армейцы – семикратные триумфаторы Лиги, а чемпионат России ведущий клуб страны выиграл в 24-й раз. Фото: Рамиль Ситдиков/РИА Новости #Овечкин #Ovi #Ovi8 #баскетбол #ЦСКА #ЦСКАХимки #ЛигаВТБ #VTBLeague #Basketball #Ovechkin #fan #финал #болельщик #champions

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Alexander Ovechkin – known lover of basketball, so he simply could not miss the third final match of VTB United League, in which CSKA beat “Khimki” (95:72), and for the sixth time in a row won the tournament. CSKA – seven – time victors of the League and the championship of Russia won the country’s leading club in the 24th time. Photo: Ramil Sidikov / RIA Novosti #Ovechkin #Ovi #Ovi8 #Basketball #CSKA #TsSKahimki #LigaVTB #VTBLeague #Basketball #Ovechkin #fan #finale #fan #champions


Alex Ovechkin was likely on hand to support one of his buddies, Vitaly Fridzon of CSKA. The two have had quite a history and bromance over the years. One selfie that the basketball bro took and posted on his Instagram reportedly led to a breakup between Ovechkin and his then-fiance Maria Kirlenko. Kirilenko was a Russian tennis player and the couple had dated for three years.

Fridzon was once interviewed and asked about his friendship with Ovi. One question was about if he would give the sport of hockey a try and partake in an exhibition game. He responded, “I love hockey, but I’m still pretty bad on skates, so it’s a little early to talk about exhibitions. Once Ovechkin teaches me to be confident on the ice, then I can play!”

Here are more scenes from the game:


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С победой @frizi7!!!👍

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    That’s probably why he was absent during playoffs.

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