Capitals Reduce 2023 Training Camp Roster To 35 Players

The Washington Capitals have made more cuts to their training camp roster, reducing their list to 35 players with the regular season beginning next week. 

The Capitals sent eight players down to Hershey: Alexander Suzdalev, Ryan Hofer, Ethen Frank, Bogdan Trineyev, Henrik Rybinski and Pierrick Dube are the six forwards that will report to Chocolate Town, along with goaltenders Mitchell Gibson and Garin Bjorklund.

Suzdalev is the most notable name on the list. The 19-year-old played in the first preseason game against the Buffalo Sabres and is expected to have a very big impact for the Bears in his first professional season. Hofer is another guy that had a decent run in the preseason, registering one goal in his lone game against the Sabres.

Rybinski and Frank each had points, against Buffalo and Detroit respectively, but Dube was held off the scoresheet. 

Meanwhile, the Capitals placed Riley Sutter and Chase Priske on waivers, three days after the waiver wire opened up. Sutter played against Buffalo, racking up an assist, and appeared in yesterday’s loss. Priske did not come up with any points. 

Lastly, Washington assigned Aaron Ness, Nick Leivermann, Jon McDonald, Jake Massie and Logan Day to Hershey’s training camp. All five defensemen did not play in any exhibition games for the Caps.

The Caps’ final 23-man roster must be submitted on Monday, Oct. 9 at 5 p.m.

As a result of the roster changes, the Hershey Bears announced their initial training camp roster on Sunday as well:

By Jacob Cheris

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26 Responses to Capitals Reduce 2023 Training Camp Roster To 35 Players

  1. Anonymous says:

    Going to lose Sutter…?

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      I don’t believe so, but you never know. 2pm tomorrow we will know.

      • Prevent Defense says:

        What are the Caps’ salary-cap options if Jensen remains disappeared for an extended time period?

    • Anonymous says:

      I will be shocked if we do not lose him

      • Horn73 says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Sutter just might be the closest prospect we got to Nic Dowd/4C. Wins faceoffs, gritty, good defenseman

          • DWGie26 says:

            He is good at faceoffs too. But almost zero chance he gets claimed. He hasn’t played NHL games. That is what teams are looking for on waiver wife. That is what happened last year with AJF and Leason. They had been seen on NHL file for 20+ games each.

            That said, I think Snively gets claimed which i am fine with.

          • Horn73 says:

            At that point I think ps takes over center on the 4th line, but we’ll see.

            I’m just not worried much about AHL’rs that are projected as 4th line NHL players.

            I like his game, but I’m not sentimental about this kind of stuff.

            Signed Dowd and Halloway a few years back…

            Love the 4th line and it being great matters, but a guy sent down before final cuts I’m not worried about losing…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Suz Your Daddy to Hershey. 🙌

  3. Eric Lord says:

    I honestly don’t know where Suzdalev fits in Hershey. The Bears have so many forwards & where he slots in is a question mark. There really aren’t enough slots for him Trineyev & Miroschincheko (if he gets sent down) to all get a lot of playing time. None of those players are suited for 4th line duty & that’s where the biggest holes are for Hershey. I also worry that Suzdalev will struggle as the season goes along with the physicalness of the league. He is going to get pounded. How does his body hold up to the rigors of a full professional season?

    • DWGie26 says:

      I agree with you Eric. Going to be hard to find him ice time and he needs to be bigger/stronger. Miro looked really good and already has the body to play in AHL so he is going to get a spot before Suzdalev. I think it is best all the way around to send Sudz back to Juniors. He can still learn and grow there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about it Eric Too many forwards maybe send Alexander Bogdan and Ivan to ECHL to start out when there is a injury In Hershey call one of them up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It was me who say the comment above this I am hoping Alexander Suzdalev the best
    From Brianna

  6. novafyre says:

    The Stingrays signed forward Tyler Sandhu. Sandhu, 27, spent the 2022-23 season in Austria with Pioneers Vorarlberg in the International Central European Hockey League, where he tallied 19 points in 32 games. Previously, the BC native played 5 seasons of Canadian college hockey amassing 101 points in 125 games.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea how long Edmundson will be out and if Iorio can fit into his slot? If Iorio can fit into that slot does that mean he and AA will have to compete for that role or will one become the 7th man?

    • DWGie26 says:

      It was called out as 4-6 weeks.  By time season starts it will be 3-4 weeks so I suspect we put him on LTIR which means 10 games and allows us some cap flexibility short term.  Here is what i think will shake out (at least what i would do):

      AA – 6th dee, starting as 3LD
      Johansen – I think he gets 7th dee spot because he can sit and it doesn’t harm.  He is a developed player so ice time doesn’t matter as much
      Aktell – he looks so good.  Could probably be our 6-7th dee, but he is new to North America Ice and waiver exempt this year.  So send him to Hershey with Iorio, McIlrath, etc.  I’d like to see Iorio and Aktell as top dee pair.

  8. Anonymous says:

    By the looks of things perhaps Mantha needs some time in the AHL you know for a /coughpermanent conditioning stint

  9. Prevent Defense says:

    An NHL-tracking site says that both Priskie and Sutter have cleared waivers
    Neither is listed on Hershey Bears website as camp participant

    • novafyre says:

      from Bears website: Thankfully, while several other players around the NHL were claimed by other teams before Monday’s 2 p.m. deadline came and went, both Sutter and Priskie emerged unscathed. That means Sutter and Priskie will be available to Hershey for Tuesday’s practice. Written by Jesse Liebman, Bears media specialist.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So who out of who is left would have to pass through waivers?

    • DWGie26 says:

      McIlrath, Johansen, Snively, Malenstyn, Limoges, Sgarbossa, and Phillips.  Plus either Shepherd or Lindgren.

      Most likely to get claimed IMO is Malensyn, Snively, Shepherd/Lindgren.  I think Malensyn makes the team.  I don’t worry about any of the others getting claimed other than goalie.  

  11. Prevent Defense says:

    John Walton’s daily broadcast tells that Nick Jensen has returned to Caps training camp. Not sure if he’s playing tonight. Very short pre-season for him to get up to speed. Lots of Jensen haters out there in comment-land … I think Jensen a solid NHL d-man when he’s healthy and on-game. But this makes for more intrigue on who will be the Caps Seven / Eight defensemen on opening night

    Nothing boring about Caps 2023 training camps

    • Anonymous says:

      It sure looks like Aktell is beating out AA, Johansen, Iorio for that 6th D spot. Now who becomes the 7th D is the real question. Also looks like they are really giving looks at CMC, Phillips and Miro in the top 6. In all that’s all we can ask for from the coaching staff and it’s up to the players at this point.

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