2023 NHL Draft Lottery Primer

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For the first time in quite a while, Washington Capitals fans will have intrigue surrounding the 2023 NHL Draft Lottery in the coming days. Here is all you need to know for the biggest night for non-postseason teams while the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going on:


  • Monday 5/8, 8 PM ET

How To Watch

  • ESPN, ESPN+, ESPN in United States
  • Sportsnet, Sportsnet Now, TVA Sports (French) in Canada

Draft Lottery Odds

Photo: @PR_NHL
  • Teams can
    • only move up a maximum of 10 spots in the draft selection order
    • down a maximum of just two from their current seed in the rankings above

How It Works

  • 14 ping-pong balls loaded into lottery machine
    • each of them labeled with number between 1-14
      • 1,001 different four-digit number combinations between 1 and 14
      • NHL needs 1,000 various possible numbers to execute lottery
      • One possible combination chosen at random, removed from pool of possible numbers to leave process with 1,000 numbers
  • each NHL team in the lottery assigned series of randomly-selected four-digit numbers in accordance with their lottery odds
    • Anaheim Ducks have an 18.5% chance based on their last-place finish, so 185 number combinations, but they also win if the 12th through 16th-place teams win and move up 10 spots
      • five clubs combined have a 7% chance of winning (70 four-number combinations), which gives Anaheim 255 four-number combinations that would lead to first overall selection
      • Columbus Blue Jackets next at 13.5% (135 four-number combinations), followed by Chicago Blackhawks at 11.5% (115), San Jose Sharks at 9.5% (95), Montreal Canadiens at 8.5% (85), and so on
  • list of numbers and 1,001st number that was previously randomly selected and set aside is made public by NHL
    • lottery draw, and there are actually two
      • first to select the No. 1 pick
      • second for the No. 2
    • four-number combination that pops up from the lottery machine matched with list of numbers to see winner
      • If it is any of the bottom 11 teams, that is the club that gets to pick No. 1
      • If winner is a team in the No. 12-No. 16 range, Anaheim will get the No. 1 pick
        • that “winning” team will slot up 10 spots from their pre-set lottery odds
      • second draw then held to determine the next-highest available spot

Top Prospects, According To NHL Central Scouting

North American Skaters

Screenshot: NHL.com

North American Goaltenders

Screenshot: NHL.com

European Skaters

Screenshot: NHL.com

European Goaltenders

Screenshot: NHL.com

By Harrison Brown

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    So, the Caps have close to a 20% chance to move up?

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