Ethen Frank Scores Twice, Atlantic Division Falls To Pacific Division In 2023 AHL All-Star Challenge Final

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The American Hockey League’s (AHL) 2023 All-Star Classic commenced Sunday night with the All-Star Skills challenge at Place Bell in Laval, Quebec. Hershey Bears forward Ethen Frank stole the show with a blistering performance in the second event of the night, the Fastest Skater competition. He won the event and set a new League record.

The AHL concluded it’s 2023 All-Star Classic with the All-Star Challenge on Monday night. The Challenge consisted of seven-game, 3-on-3 round robin tournament among all four AHL Divisions.

Ethen Frank and Mike Vecchione represented the Hershey Bears for the Atlantic Division. Bears head coach Todd Nelson was selected as the coach for the Atlantic Division, having the best record in the division prior to the event.


The All-Star Challenge was composed of four teams (Atlantic, North, Central and Pacific Divisions) with 12 players on each team. All teams played in a round robin tournament to establish a ranking of the Divisions. Then, a final game was played between position 1 and 2 to determine the winner of the All-Star Challenge.

Each game consisted of two 5-minute periods (10 minutes) and played at 3-on-3.


GAME 1: North Division 2, Pacific Division 2 (Tie – Shootout)
GAME 2: Atlantic Division 4, Central Division 3 (shootout)
Ethen Frank scored the second goal of the game for the Atlantic Division, giving them an early 2-0 lead in the first period.

GAME 3: Pacific Division 6, Atlantic Division 2
GAME 4: North Division 2, Central Division 2 (tie – shootout)
GAME 5: Pacific Division 5, Central Division 2
GAME 6: Atlantic Division 4, North Division 3 (shootout)
Ethen Frank converted in the shootout. The shootout would ultimately go 11 rounds.

The victory sent the Atlantic Division to the All-Star Challenge Final against the Pacific Division.

The final consisted of one six-minute period between the Pacific Division and the Atlantic Division for all the marbles. The Pacific Division took the final, 1-0, winning the All-Star Challenge for the first time in the event’s history.

Ethen Frank ended up with two goals and Mike Vecchione had two assists in the tournament.

By Jon Sorensen

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  1. Jon Sorensen says:

  2. novafyre says:

    Frank not on an NHL contract is a head scratcher. But I feel the same about the Rays’ Turnbull who leads the ECHL in goals as a rookie. No NHL or AHL team wanted him so the Rays signed him to an ECHL contract. Probably because he’s only 5’8″. He was captain at UConn. I just can’t believe he will still be on an ECHL contract next year.

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      I worry it may be too late for Frank. He will see some value on the open market. Hopefully Danny Brooks and Mac can keep him in the family, but if I was him, i might want to see what other teams are interested in paying.

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