Coaching, Front Office Changes Around NHL As Team’s Seasons Close

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With the 2022-23 NHL regular-season in the books, teams whose respective campaigns are over are currently in the process of making coaching staff and front office changes. Here is a list of all of the changes up to date since the end of the regular season.

NOTE: This will be continuously updated leading up to 2023 NHL Draft on June 28

Wednesday 5/31

  • Toronto: hired Treliving to be GM

Tuesday 5/30

  • Washington: hired Spencer Carbery to be head coach
  • Nashville Predators: fired head coach John Hynes, replaced him with Andrew Brunette

Sunday 5/21

  • Calgary: hired Craig Conroy as GM

Friday 5/19

  • Toronto Maple Leafs: mutually agreed to part ways with GM Kyle Dubas, whose contract expired

Saturday 5/6

  • New York Rangers: mutually agreed to part ways with head coach Gerard Gallant

Monday 5/1

  • Calgary: fired head coach Daryl Sutter

Monday 4/17

  • Calgary Flames: mutually agreed to part ways with GM Brad Treliving, whose contract expired; replaced by Don Maloney on interim basis

Saturday 4/15

  • Columbus Blue Jackets: head coach Brad Larsen fired, let goaltending coach Manny Legace walk

Friday 4/14

  • Pittsburgh Penguins: GM Ron Hextall, assistant GM Chris Pryor, President of Hockey Operations Brian Burke all fired
  • Anaheim Ducks: let head coach Dallas Eakins, whose contract expired, walk
  • St. Louis Blues: let assistant coaches Craig MacTavish, Mike Van Ryn, whose contracts expired, walk
  • Washington Capitals: mutually agreed to part ways with head coach Peter Laviolette, whose contract expired

By Harrison Brown

About Harrison Brown

Harrison is a diehard Caps fan and a hockey fanatic with a passion for sports writing. He attended his first game at age 8 and has been a season ticket holder since the 2010-2011 season. His fondest Caps memory was watching the Capitals hoist the Stanley Cup in Las Vegas. In his spare time, he enjoys travel, photography, and hanging out with his two dogs. Follow Harrison on Twitter @HarrisonB927077
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14 Responses to Coaching, Front Office Changes Around NHL As Team’s Seasons Close

  1. KimRB says:

    Do you get the feeling we’re in a bad horror movie, just like the Geico commercial?

    Ted: It’s fine everybody! Ignore the guy holding a butcher knife, andpretending to be his Mom. He looks friendly. And yes, we will keep Peter Laviolette, despite the fact that he guided a playoff team into the 8th worst record in the NHL. We want to be competitive! And your chocolate ration has been increased to 20 grams, and we have always been at war with Eastasia!

    Sorry to mix metaphors

  2. franky619 says:

    But not in Washington, lets bring back everybody one more time as if the last 5 seasons we’re all flukes.

    • novafyre says:

      For years I have felt that the Caps and Pits were twins — not identical, but still twins. Or maybe opposite sides of the mirror. I have read their fan sites with interest, finding each year so much similarity.

      Last year, I was convinced that the new owners, Fenway Sports, was going to clean house and get a head start on the Caps in a retool, rebuild, rewhatever and was upset that they were going to get a headstart on the Caps. . I was relieved that they didn’t.

      Now that process has started and I’m still upset. Because I see them finally moving on from the “keep the old team together in wheelchairs” plan to something new yet I just don’t get the same vibes from the Caps. I don’t feel the same disgust, the same revulsion over how our last three seasons have gone. I just don’t hear Caps ownership saying, “This is not who we are and this is not who we will be.”

      • franky619 says:

        Apparently one team has higher standard than the other. Might explain why one team has 3 cups and 4 SC final appearance and the other played past the 2nd round only once.

        • KimRB says:

          And after those 5 Stanley Cups and 16 straight playoff appearances, you and your Pengwhine fan buddies still had an epic meltdown, after not getting into the playoffs. The whiniest, ficklest, most entitled group of spoiled Karens I’ve ever seen.

          Take a hike, Pen troll

        • hockeydruid says:

          franky one team wants the Cup every year while one team is willing to sink to the bottom of the league to get a player a record.

      • hockeydruid says:

        novafyre Totally agree especially on the: “This is not who we are and this is not who we will be.” Ted is way to concerned about a record and not worrying about winning games or being in the playoffs until Ovie has the record. Here is another problem: GM Brian MacLellan happy with coach’s work in 2021-22. If he was happy going out in the first round that it was time for him to go last year and as they have regressed to being the 8th worst team in the NHL isn’t it time to replace him also?

        • novafyre says:

          When you build a team, you have to start at the top. The owner, the guy who put up all the money, went into debt, often doesn’t know a thing about the sport but hopefully knows about business, how to pick people, and how to be successful. He (she) then picks president or VP or someone to generally run it. That person then picks a GM who then picks a coach and then players are picked.

          Working up the other way rarely works.

          Will be interesting to compare Caps and Pits next years. Pits have decided to fire the president and GM but keep the coach. Caps are doing the opposite. I think the former is probably better but not always so will be interesting to see the results.

          Ted and Patrick need to decide what kind of team is in the organization’s best interests. Fact: Ovi and his Chase is a big draw. He sells tickets, he sells merchandise. NHL website still has him as #1 player searched for. His Chase does have to play a big part in their plans.

          To me, their challenge is not Ovi or the Cup but Ovi AND the Cup. What can they do to keep the golden goose called Ovi’s Chase going while at the same time becoming a Cup contender. After all, Ovi has stated numerous times that he wants another Cup before he retires. So the goal is to create a blueprint to do that. At that point you then decide if your GM is on board and able to execute that blueprint, then you find a coach that fits that blueprint, and then you start making decisions about players. Any player not named Ovechkin has to find a spot in that plan or be trade bait.

  3. Scottlew73 says:

    It’s about time “hockey’s version of Mr. Bean” got let go in Anaheim,Dyson hasn’t sucked as much as that team in last few years.
    Not sure why you’d fire assistant coaches in St. Louis & keep head coach! Usually head coach picks assistant’s!
    I already know All Cap’s fan’s feelings on Pens! Like running over already dead skunk on road!!

    • novafyre says:

      Assistants often stay when a HC is replaced. For example, “Blaine Forsythe is entering his 17th season with Washington and his 14th as an assistant coach. Forsythe is responsible for the Capitals power play and the team’s centers.”

      I have advocated firing Blaine for years on Caps fan sites to correct Caps’ PP issues. The Caps statement talks about Lavi but says nothing about the status of anyone else so I assume no one else has been fired or told their contract will not be renewed. So we could end up with a new HC and Blaine still responsible for the Caps’ PP.

  4. Jon Sorensen says:

    Greetings folks! Just a quick note, if you haven’t done so already, please consider subscribing to NoVa Caps posts in the “subscribe” box located in the upper right corner. Thank you!

  5. Prevent Defense says:

    Thanks for updating this thread, Harrison B!

    So Brad Larsen just got the axe from CBJ. Bad for Brad, I thought he was an effective coach. Lots of injuries

    Wonder if Jarmo K (GM of CBJ) will look at the ever-lengthening collection of Former NHL coaches who get lumped into the “retread” category, deserved or not.

    Pi$tol Pete and Gabby Boudreau are available. Krueger, Vigneault, Blashill, MacLellan, Tippett, Quenneville, Julien … the list is almost endless!

  6. dwgie26 says:

    I think people are way too critical of GMBM and Ted. Ted has invested heavily in players with several one way contracts in Hershey to try and keep people like Malenstyn, Snively, Pilon, and LuJo in the organization. They spend to the cap every year. They want to win as well. Ted knows he made a commitment to compete for cups if he stayed and he wants to honor that.

    This will be the first year in a long time that they (Ted and GMBM) have an opportunity to really shake things up. A chance to move two top 6 players in Kuzy and Mantha (whom i think has value to the right club – maybe us with a new coach).

    We’ll see what actually plays out, but I expect to be in Cup contention next year.

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