Alex Ovechkin Scores Career Goals #818 and #819 Against Wild, Continues Perfect Minnesota Points Streak

Photo: Washington Capitals

Alex Ovechkin scored two more goals in the Capitals 5-3 loss to the Wild on Sunday. The goals were Ovechkin’s 38th and 39th of the 2022-23 season and 818th and 819th goals of his NHL career. He now needs 75 goals to tie Wayne Gretzky for first on the all-time list.

Ovechkin scored his first goal at 5:34 into the second period. Stationed in his office, Ovechkin received the setup pass from Rasmus Sandin and fired a slapshot, beating Marc-Andre Fleury for his 38th goal of the season and 818th goal of his career. The goal cut the Caps’ deficit to 2-1.

Ovechkin added his second goal of the game at 12:33 in the third period on a Capitals’ power play. The tally was assisted by Tom Wilson and Dylan Strome, which cut the Capitals deficit to 4-2.

Ovechkin now has 27 career goals against Marc-Andre Fleury in 45 career regular-season games, the most goals he has scored against any individual goaltender.

With two power play goals today, Ovechkin, the NHL’s all-time leader in power-play goals, has now scored 298 power-play goals in his career.


Ovechkin has never left Minnesota without recording a point. In the twelve games he has played against the Wild, he has scored eight goals and, in the games where he hasn’t scored a goal, has recorded at least one assist.

With two goals this afternoon, Ovechkin also recorded his 167th career multi-goal game.

Ovechkin also contributed a point on the team’s third goal, scored by Dylan Strome. He now has 1,478 points for his NHL career and ranks sixteenth on the All Time list.

Ovechkin is now just one goal shy of the 40-goal mark. One more goal would allow him to achieve total for the thirteenth time and break a tie with Wayne Gretzky for most times scoring at least 40 goals.

By Diane Doyle

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Been a Caps fan since November 1975 when attending a game with my then boyfriend and now husband.
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12 Responses to Alex Ovechkin Scores Career Goals #818 and #819 Against Wild, Continues Perfect Minnesota Points Streak

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly….hockey in the DMV has devolved into “Ovie Goal Watch”…and little else. That’s not how it’s supposed to be March into April. Caps Fans: Y’all know that the rest of the league is looking down their noses at you…right ?

    • novafyre says:

      Vancouver is? Really? I forget, how many head coaches have they had the past three years? And when did they last win the Cup?

    • KimRB says:

      To add to what Fyre said:
      We won a Cup only 5 years ago. But other teams, and their fans, are laughing at us? Suuuuuuure!
      CBus is laughing at us? Took them 20 years to even win a playoff series
      Buffalo? Never won a cup in their 53 year existence, same as Vancouver
      San Jose? One finals appearance, 30 years
      Nashville? One finals appearance in 25 years
      Winnipeg and Minny? Anywhere near a Cup?
      Anaheim? They have a Cup, we have a Cup. Theirs was longer ago than ours
      Toronto? Longest drought in the league. Last time they won a cup was the summer of love. Groovy man!
      Philly? Along with Vancouver, the most dysfunctional franchise in the NHL. They’re having (yet another) house cleaning. The memories of their Broad Street Bullies cups are as faded as my Betamax copy of Slap Shot
      Islanders? It’s not the 80s anymore. Radical dude!
      Ottawa? Last time they got their names on the Cup was pre-WW2, and a different franchise. 23 skidoo!
      Calgary? Again, not the 80s
      Edmonton? Well, they do have the best player in the world, and his Boy Wonder sidekick. And little else

      Go back to Pensburgh troll. Your clown show don’t play here

    • KimRB says:

      And, somehow I forgot the weakest sister of all:Arizona, who has no Cup or even Cup finals appearanc s, in 44 years of NHL existence. Surely a team that plays in a 4,000 seat arena (our AHL team typically draws almost 3X that) isn’t looking down their noses at us?!

      • Diane Doyle says:

        And then there are the NY Rangers who have won exactly ONE Cup since WW 2 ended. Okay, Rags are currently in better shape than us at the moment but just saying.

        I doubt St Louis Blues fans are laughing at the Caps. While they’ve won a Cup slightly more recently than the Caps have, their franchise history is like the Caps franchise history and are currently in a similar situation.

        • Diane Doyle says:

          And we even forgot Montreal. Used to be a dynasty but last won Cup in 1993. That was 30 years ago. Only a little bit after the Washington Redskins last won the Super Bowl.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank You….You’ve completely validated the assertions by lowering the standards and comparing the current state of hockey in the DMV to what has been the (recent) dregs of the NHL 🤭…That’s not where Caps hockey should be but…Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    • KimRB says:

      As I’m fond of reminding people, the Caps have exactly one rebuild in 40 years. Tampa has has two in 25 years. This happens. It’s impossible for a team to remain on top in a salary cap system, forever. You said the NHL is looking down their noses at us. Now when I show that more than half the NHL has no reason to do that, you move the goal posts. And Buffalo isn’t the recent dregs. Pretty much every team that wins the Cup has had a rebuild, and drafts high, in its recent past. Colorado took McKinnon, Tampa got Hedman, we got Ovechkin

      The Capitals need a rebuild. It’s coming

      Keep trolling. I can go all day, Mr. Anonymous coward

      • Diane Doyle says:

        It took forever for the NJ Devils to rebuild their team after they fell out of contention (with one playoff appearance in 9-10 years) after they had made the playoffs for most years in the prior 20 or so years. And the Red Wings are also taking some time to rebuild. Only 10 years ago or so, it seemed that the Red Wings and Devils would make the playoffs no matter what but took both teams a long time to rebuild.

        • KimRB says:

          Yeah, and Buffalo has been in a perpetual rebuild for over ten years. They’re just now getting it together.

          This troll is pretty lame, this theory is easily debunked. But he or she provides a few chuckles

      • novafyre says:

        Good posts Kim, good answers.

        I know that some here disagree with me, but Ovi setting records to me is important. I’m proud of him doing it as a Cap just as I’m sure Pit fans are proud of Sid. How many players in NHL history have scored 800 goals? How many active players have scored 500? Setting and breaking records is exciting. There is more to NHL hockey than the Stanley Cup. There are team achievements, there are personal achievements. There are things on the ice to celebrate as well as things off the ice.

        The Caps might not be in the playoff position we’d like, might not be winning as we would like. We all have things we would like to see changed and ideas how to change them. But to say that the Caps are in the dregs of NHL hockey is absurd. Sorry Anon, those are the writings of a troll, not a serious fan.

        • KimRB says:

          Thank you. This was a fun intellectual exercise, going over team histories in my mind. Probably coulda blown the chump completely out of the water, if I had done some some research but meh, not worth the time

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