“They Put the Faith In Me, I’m Going to Continue To Grow, Become A Better Player, And I’m Looking Forward To It”: Stability and Confidence In His Playing Ability Key in Dylan Strome’s Decision to Re-Sign With Capitals

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The Washington Capitals’ front office was busy during the NHL All-Star break, re-signing forwards Dylan Strome and Sonny Milano to five and three-year contracts, respectively. Having their first practice out of the break, the two players spoke to the media regarding their new deals.

Strome, 25, signed a one-year contract with the Caps in free agency in the summer of 2022, after being non-tendered a qualifying offer by the Chicago Blackhawks, with whom he had spent parts of four seasons with and recorded a career-best 22 Goals Scored in 69 Games Played. Upon signing with the Capitals, Strome cited his desire to prove the Blackhawks had made the wrong decision in allowing him to walk.

Strome has recorded 11 Goals and 36 Points in 52 Games Played this season with Washington, ranking third on the team in Points and second in Assists while becoming one of the team’s key offensive players.

“I think just a team that saw something in me, and believes, like myself, that I’m only going to get better over the next [five] years”, Strome said of his decision to re-up with the Capitals, “And they put the faith in me, I’m going to continue to grow, become a better player, and I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’m excited the team believed in me to sign me to that deal, and I’m really excited about it and happy to be here.”

Strome, who was drafted third overall by the Arizona Coyotes in 2015, is on his third NHL club at just 25-years old, and stability played a huge factor in deciding to take the deal offered by Brian MacLellan and the Caps’ brass.

“When someone offers you that, that’s obviously something great to hear”, admitted the Mississauga, Ontario native, “I think just the course of my career has kind of been, bouncing around a bit, obviously with Arizona not working out, and thing that happened with Chicago, I played four years there but only on a two-year deal, and…you’re kind of coming in and out of the lineup.”

Strome’s desire for stability played a major factor in his decision to re-up with the Caps, however the off-ice atmosphere is also a key part in his decision to forgo negotiations in the offseason.

“That opportunity never arose in those other places where I had the chance to sign a long-term deal, totally different times in my life, like I said a team that believes in me, I’m really happy to be a Capital, and it’s exciting, this year and five more.”

To listen to Strome’s full comments on his new deal, see below:

By Michael Fleetwood

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5 Responses to “They Put the Faith In Me, I’m Going to Continue To Grow, Become A Better Player, And I’m Looking Forward To It”: Stability and Confidence In His Playing Ability Key in Dylan Strome’s Decision to Re-Sign With Capitals

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome home Strome!

  2. Mark Eiben says:

    Love how Strome has fit in. Perfect center for Ovi too. They work very well together.

  3. DC Scappeli says:

    I like Strome and how he’s fit in. I also noticed he can get to the net and I always thought the Caps don’t play enough around the net. A 5 year deal makes me think that GMBM is thinking about down the road and keeping Strome here, which I like. Which means that perhaps he is thinking about having someone in place for when Nicky bows out? I think there’s 2 more years left on Nicky’s contract.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I may in the minority but 5×5 seems high on both ends.

  5. KimRB says:

    BMac takes a lot of criticism, and it’s a never ending debate as to if it’s deserved. But one thing I like about him, that McPhee never did, was to prioritize the center position. You don’t win championships by loading up on wings. Having 4 centers (5, if you count Bear Hughes) 25 and under is a good thing.

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