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The Hope to Have Fans Back in Arenas and Stadiums by August or September: News from President Trump’s Call with Major-League Sports Commissioners

On Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump held a conference call with all major-league sports commissioners discussing the all-of-America response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Commissioner Gary Bettman was on the call for the NHL. President Trump recognized the “good work” done … Continue reading

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What’s the Fouss? The NHL Could Learn Some Things From the NFL

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports events of the year.  Last Sunday night, the NFL delivered one of its best Super Bowls in history. In the United States, football is the most popular sport.  … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks: The NHL versus Other Professional Sports

 In a time of disarray, when all hell seems to be breaking loose, when it seems like negativity and worry have consumed the country, there is an escape.  When the media outlets have been flooded with torrential and depressing information, … Continue reading

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