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Healthy Defense, Deep Defense

The Capitals have the healthiest roster they have had all year.  For the first time they have their full set of defensemen and two NHL caliber reserves on the roster.  How will this found depth and health payoff in the … Continue reading

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Five Reasons not to worry about that bad loss

Gregory Shamus/NHLI via Getty Images The Caps have the number one seed. First place is important because home ice is important.  The Caps have all but sewn up first in the east with quite a bit to play.  Because the … Continue reading

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The Bad and Good Caps Trends:

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Fixing the Coaches’ Challenge System

 The main gripes with the current Challenge System are the game delays it causes and the fact that only certain things are challengeable.  But what should be done to make the system function better and make it more exciting?  Below, … Continue reading

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Ovechkin doesn’t celebrate goals the way he used to.

 You know what, I’m glad too.  No, I am not one of those stuffy old school fans who hate when players celebrate goals, nor am I one of those Canadian hockey fans who hate Ovechkin because he is Russian.  I … Continue reading

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How deep are the Caps? Deep enough to trade a Marcus Johansson?

 This week there has been talk of teams having interest in Marcus Johansson.  He will be a Free Agent after this season, but the Caps may be able to re-sign him with the salary cap increasing by an estimated $3 … Continue reading

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Little Details

The NHL is trying a new rule this year in an effort to increase scoring.  When a faceoff takes place in a defensive zone, the faceoff person of the team who is defending that zone must put his stick down … Continue reading

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Grading the Caps: Quarter way in, how good is this team?

While some may point out that the Washington Capitals have had the weakest schedule, they are in first place in the division.  But honestly, that shouldn’t matter.  What matters is that they are taking care of bad teams the way any … Continue reading

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Sitting Burakovsky

It’s partially about production.  One point in eleven games just is not enough for someone of his 6’3” frame and skill.  While moving him up and down the lineup since Backstrom’s return hasn’t helped, Burakovsky has seemed lost and disengaged … Continue reading

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Tom Wilson, the Most Feared Man in the NHL

If you watched Wednesday Night’s broadcast of The Caps and Red Wings, you might have heard Pierre McGuire mention that Tom Wilson was getting a lot of room from the Red Wings.  He then mentioned that the Red Wings talked … Continue reading

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