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NoVa Caps’ Round Table: The Capitals’ Offseason Playbook

With the Washington Capitals out of contention for the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the focus immediately turns towards next season with the goal of making the most out of captain Alex Ovechkin’s final years while also bracing for the post-Ovechkin … Continue reading

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Readers’ Input: If You Played Hockey, What Would Be Your Goal Song?

Photo: Scott Taetsch/Getty Images Goal songs add a fun, personal touch when players score. Whether it’s their favorite tune, a song to get the crowd hyped up, or perhaps a song pun on their name, it adds to the excitement … Continue reading

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To Beard Or Not To Beard? For Superstitious Fans, That Is The Question.

As the playoffs approach many decisions must be made, many questions answered. Coaches will fine-tune their line ups. Who will start in net? Who will take the key defensive zone draw with the game on the line? NBC will argue … Continue reading

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Point-Counterpoint: The Case For and Against Finishing The 2019-2020 NHL Season

Photo: @Capitals The 2019-20 NHL season paused on March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic and all but two hockey leagues across the planet have canceled the remainder of their seasons. In this NoVa Caps “Point-Counterpoint” we debate: Should the … Continue reading

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NoVa Caps Mailbag: The Sky Is Falling! Or Is It?

The Washington Capitals are fully engulfed in their annual mid-season swoon. Each of the last five or six seasons, sometime around the All-Star break, the Caps end up fighting through the dog days of Winter. Having established themselves as an … Continue reading

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The Day I Knew I Hated The Philadelphia Flyers

Photo by Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports Flyers. A dirty word in our household. The second-worst F-word. Often muttered in tandem with the worst F-word. The Philadelphia Flyers are as contemptible an opponent as the Capitals play. Consistently irritating, like sand … Continue reading

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Where’s Travis Boyd? Examining Why The Capital Forward Can’t Crack The Lineup

Washington Capitals forward Travis Boyd is missing. Well, technically, he’s not missing. During almost every game he can be found in the press box watching the game from above. But he’s been missing from the lineup too often recently.

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Sparking A Dying Fuse: How to Put The “Power” Back In The Capitals’ Power Play

As the Capitals teeter on the edge of another customary mid-winter swoon, one of their special teams’ units got a head start. The power play, once a vaunted powerhouse, has been sputtering for better than a month.

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The NHL’s Coaching Abuse Scandal: Is the League Going Soft Or Positively Evolving?

Despite all the exciting hockey being played on the ice, the National Hockey League has unfortunately been in the news lately as much for things happening off the ice. A scandal surrounding coaches’ actions and behaviors is beginning to unfold. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of My Hatred for Brooks Orpik

Brooks Orpik: Man. Myth. Legend. Villain? Brooks Orpik retired this week as a Washington Capital fan favorite, but he wasn’t always celebrated as such. In fact, during his 11 seasons as a Pittsburgh Penguin, I despised Brooks Orpik. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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