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Quantity vs. Quality: Finding Trade Value In The Washington Capitals Prospect Pool Without Damaging The Long-Term Viability of The Organization

Much has been made about the Washington Capitals rather shallow prospect pool. Simply put, there is a lot of truth in those statements. The Capitals farm system has been significantly depleted after years of trading away picks and the use … Continue reading

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Report: NHL Salary Cap Will Be “Kept Close” to $81.5 Million for Next Three Seasons

As we previously reported last month, the NHL and the NHLPA are currently in the midst of not only negotiating the final ‘Return To Play’ protocol for the 2020 playoffs, but are also knee-deep in negotiating the structure of a new Collective … Continue reading

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Pierre McGuire:“The cap could drop anywhere from 25 to 40%. That’s significant.”

NHL analyst Pierre McGuire was on 93-7 the Fan in Pittsburgh Monday afternoon to discuss the latest from the NHL. The segment included discussion of the affect of the current pause in play on next season’s salary cap. McGuire dropped a … Continue reading

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Report: Should NHL and NHLPA Consider Entering Into New CBA Now?

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman joined the “Tim and Sid show” on Sportsnet 590 Tuesday afternoon to discuss the current state of the NHL. Topics included the current salary cap issues for next season, including the players likely loss of significant money … Continue reading

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What Will the 2020-21 Capitals Roster Look Like?

Prior to the shutdown of NHL operations due to COVID-19, there were reports that the salary cap ceiling could increase to a value between $84M and $88.2M. Given the fact that the NHL may lose revenue from the key stretch … Continue reading

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NHL Guarded About Releasing First Salary Cap Estimates For 2020-2021 Season

At this week’s NHL Board of Governors meetings in San Francisoco, Commissioner Gary Bettman was guarded when asked about salary cap projections for next season. He refused to give an estimate. Instead, he recognized that the final number will come as … Continue reading

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