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How a Year as a Capitals Fan Changed My Life (Essay)

It’s the beginning of 2016, and I’ve never seen a hockey game before in my life. I’m not a sports person in general, barring a fading allegiance to my hometown Red Sox and a casual interest in the Nats. If … Continue reading

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What the Will Over Skill Robe Tells Us

Photos: Washington Capitals As you can see, the Will Over Skill robe is not a fashion statement unless the Capitals are outfitting Santa’s wardrobe on the side.  They adopted the Will over Skill slogan at the beginning of this season. … Continue reading

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Hockey at its Purest: 9 Hours in Hershey

Photo: Chocolate Hockey Until yesterday, I had only seen professional hockey played in massive arenas such as the Prudential Center, Barclays Center, and of course the big barn on 7th and F that the Capitals call home.  The NHL, regardless of … Continue reading

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The Night is Darkest Before the Dawn

Photo: John Skolis “When you lose to your rival in the postseason, the night of a sports fan can be very dark indeed. But sometimes…the night is darkest before the dawn.”

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So often, it starts with my Dad…

Patrick Smith/Getty Images So often, when I’m talking to hockey fans and I ask them about their early memories of when they became a fan of the sport – it starts with “My Dad…”. And then I hear about how … Continue reading

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Last Time Around: A Writers’ Reflections on 2008

 A reflection and a walk down memory lane of my first playoff series experience as a Washington Capitals fan, when the Capitals met the Flyers in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs – the year was 2008. 

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How Swede it is! A Swede’s Perspective of Swedish Heritage Night

Greeting Caps fans! My name is Sofie Bengtsson, I was born and raised in the southern part of Sweden in a town called Ängelholm. My hometown is only 20 minutes from where Marcus Johansson lived in Landskrona and about 1 … Continue reading

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