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Storylines To Watch In Capitals Training Camp And Pre-Season

Hockey is upon us. This Friday marks the start of the 2018-2019 season for many teams around the NHL. For the Washington Capitals, it will be a different feel. Instead of facing questions about not advancing past the second round of … Continue reading

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2018 Prospect Tournament: Game #2 Player Analysis – Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Photo: @KevinBiresPhoto The Washington Capitals’ prospects took to the ice Monday morning against the Tampa Bay Lightning prospects and won the game with a statement 5-0 score. It’s worth noting that the Lightening played the day before and the Capitals … Continue reading

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Where Does Sergei Shumakov Fit In The Washington Capitals Roster?

Now that the Washington Capitals were finally able to sign Sergei Shumakov, the next challenge is to find out where he fits in with the team. The forward group was already crowded before the Russian was signed, so it will … Continue reading

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Deeper Dive Into New Washington Capitals Signee: Sergei Shumakov

Whew. That was getting dicey. After the Washington Capitals were rumored to have landed coveted KHL winger, Sergei Shumakov, his agent came out and said that report was false. But after four nervous days the Capitals were finally able to … Continue reading

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Report: Capitals Connected To KHL Free Agent Sergei Shumakov

Photo: KHL It’s late August with training camp right around the corner, but it looks like the Washington Capitals aren’t finished trying to add to their roster. Earlier today KHL winger, Sergei Shumakov, terminated his contract with his KHL team, … Continue reading

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Is Tom Wilson Worth It? A Deep Dive Into Hockey’s Most Controversial Player

“Tom Wilson”. That’s it, that’s all one has to say to start a heated conversation inside the hockey world. He is the most controversial players in the league with Boston Bruin Brad “The Licker” Marchand a close second. When it … Continue reading

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Why The Backup Goalie Could Be The Most Important Position for the Capitals Next Season

It was noticeable during the 2016-2017 playoffs. Braden Holtby just didn’t look like his usual self. He was letting in goals he usually stops or just wasn’t making the grade A saves like he usually did. Ultimately the Washington Capitals … Continue reading

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Three-Season Offensive Outlook For The Washington Capitals

Predicting the goaltending situation for the Washington Capitals over the next three seasons was pretty easy; predicting the defensive situation was a bit harder, but doable; predicting the offensive three-season outlook is like throwing a dart at a board of … Continue reading

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Three-Season Defensive Outlook For The Washington Capitals

When we recently went over the goalie situation for the Washington Capitals, it was pretty easy to envision the next three seasons, though it still had its difficulties. At first, looking over the next three seasons for the defensive unit, … Continue reading

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Three-Season Outlook In Goal For The Washington Capitals

If there is one thing one doesn’t have to worry about as a fan of the Washington Capitals is the franchise’s goaltending depth. Since Semyon Varlamov and Michal Neuvirth took over the crease back in the 2010-2011 season, it’s been … Continue reading

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