Ivan Miroshnichenko “Sticking” To Alex Ovechkin’s Tools Of The Trade

Washington Capitals prospect Ivan Miroshnichenko has an elite shot. It’s quick, hard and accurate. How does he make it look effortless?  

Obviously his technique and strength are a big part of it, but the weapon of choice is equally important. During 2023 rookie camp, the Russian forward wasn’t using his own twig with his own custom curve. Instead he was toying with Alex Ovechkin’s stick. 

Photo: @JCheris17 at 2023 Capitals Rookie Camp

As a matter of fact, Miroshnichenko had two different sticks with the great-8’s name on it. On the ice he was using the CCM Jetspeed FT5 pro, which is what Ovi used last year. This year it seems that Ovechkin is going to be utilizing the CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 pro, which is Miroschnichenko’s backup stick during camp.

Both sticks are 100 flex. It’s safe to say the 19-year-old picked a pretty good weapon for camp.

Miroshnichenko won’t meet with the media this week.

By Jacob Cheris

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cant blame him.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Jon!

    I had always heard that Ovi used an 87 flex. When you say “Both sticks are 100 flex” is that Miro’s sticks or did Ovi go up too?

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