5 Responses to Capitals, Carolina Announce Logos For 2023 NHL Stadium Series

  1. novafyre says:

    OK, I like Weagle and the Canes do use red as well, but I just keep having a hard time trying to Rock the Red when the Caps use blue or black as their primary color.

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      I’m underwhelmed. One shot to try something outside the box.

      • Agree, something outside the box would be nice. Incorporating some aspect of DC or USA (Nation’s capital) symbolism like their 2015 Winter Classic (the W had the Washington Monument in it) did. The RR this season is awesome, but it is basically their first just different colors.

        • novafyre says:

          Most of the outdoor jerseys I have seen of the various teams have been dreadful. Smashville? P? T? Even Boston’s is ugly.

  2. Mike J says:

    Would like to see a mostly white jersey then if that’s the colors were going with. Two tone, very clean hopefully.

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