Evgeny Kuznetsov Suspended One Game For High-Sticking Kyle Burroughs

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced on Tuesday that Capitals centerman Evgeny Kuznetsov has been suspended for one game for his high-sticking of Kyle Burroughs on Monday night. 

The incident occurred with just a few minutes remaining in the second period. Kuznetsov drove to the net in an attempt to score before he was knocked away by Burroughs. Kuznetsov received a two-minute penalty for high-sticking on the play.

This incident comes just six months after Kuznetsov high-sticked Noel Acciari in a post-whistle scrum during the Caps first round series against the Florida Panthers. Kuznetsov wasn’t suspended for the play, but he did receive a $5,000 fine.

The video verdict from Player Safety:



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11 Responses to Evgeny Kuznetsov Suspended One Game For High-Sticking Kyle Burroughs

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I swear it looks like Kuzy let’s up at the end of the swing. Maybe I’m a homer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not bad. CMac will maybe get a game, unless we sign an aged vet before Thursday.

  4. Ernie says:

    I’m fine with it. Kuzy gets some credit that he pulled it a bit at the last minute, but that wasn’t far from being way more than one game if he doesn’t. In real-time I thought he was gone from the game last night; once I saw the replay, I realized he kinda tried to catch himself mid-swing. It’s fair, just hope the next guy who does it the same way gets the same thing (though does that ever work out that way?).

  5. steven says:

    Not concerned that Kuzy received a penalty for that or a suspension. What I want is for that to be the same for ALL players regardless of status or length of time in the league. Whatis good punishment is good for all!

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