Carlson, Eller Score In Capitals’ 2-0 Preseason Victory Over Red Wings

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The Washington Capitals beat the Detroit Red Wings by a score of 2-0 Friday night at Little Caesars Arena and are 2-0-1 this preseason. Goaltender Darcy Kuemper made nine saves thirty-one minutes in before Charlie Lindgren replaced him and made ten saves in the win.

Lines & Pairs

Scratches: Right-wing Garnet Hathaway and defenseman Erik Gustafsson. The Capitals earlier today announced the second round of cuts to the training camp roster.

First Period

The first twenty minutes were scoreless.

Quick Stats

SOG: 8-4 Capitals

Face-Off Win %: 44% (Capitals), 65% (Red Wings)

Hits: 13-8 Red Wings

Second Period

With 8:30 left in the middle frame, Lindgren replaced Kuemper, who stopped all nine shots faced, in net. The Red Wings also switched goaltenders at that time with Victor Brattsrom replacing Ville Husso.

The Capitals would open the scoring by defenseman John Carlson (1) at the 13:35 mark, making it a 1-0 game. Fellow blueliner Lucas Johansen (1) and center Evgeny Kuznetsov (1) assisted.

Quick Stats

Total SOG: 19-13 Capitals

Face-Off Win %: 56% (Capitals), 44% (Red Wings)

Total Hits: 22-18 Capitals

Third Period

Center Lars Eller (1) would pot an empty net goal to seal the deal for a 2-0 Capitals victory. Defensemen Martin Fehervary (1) and Carlson (1) had the helpers.

Quick Stats

Total SOG: 31-19 Capitals

Face-Off Win %: 55% (Capitals), 44% (Red Wings)

Total Hits: 31-25 Capitals

The Capitals continue their preseason road trip clashing with the Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday night at Nationwide Arena. Puck drop is set for just after 7 PM. Saturday’s game is not televised but can be listened to on Caps Radio 24/7.

By Della Young

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Della Young is an aspiring novelist and screenwriter who earned a BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in 2021. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Screenwriting from Regent University. Della comes from a family of big Capitals fans and became inspired to start writing for hockey in 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and working on both sides of the camera. Follow Della on Twitter: @dellayoung
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19 Responses to Carlson, Eller Score In Capitals’ 2-0 Preseason Victory Over Red Wings

  1. DWGie26 says:

    Dominant second period. Protas is here to stay. Sorry CMM. Gotta earn that Sh+t. Protas has balled. To me he is story of training camp. Snively wasn’t as noticeable. So was whole line with Lapierre and Leason. Johansson and Nardella both looked good on dee and making a case. Goaltending is soooo much better!


  2. Lance says:

    I watched as well as I could but my wifi was choppy. Did anyone get a good look at Iorio, Nardella and Lapierre?

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      It was a challenge Lance. I don’t feel it would be fare to do an analysis with first period basically in the dark. I didn’t notice much from Lapierre in the two full periods I did see. Nardella looks like he could stay afloat in NHL

    • DWGie26 says:

      Agree with Jon. I missed first half. Iorio had an amazing shot/pass in third. he looks good but for future. He will go to Hershey. Nardella has really impressed. but Johanson looked good as well. Another 3 games to sort. We’ll see. Jon covered Lappy. Didn’t stand out. Protas standing out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lucas Johansen works his way back into the discussion?

  4. Anonymous says:

    These final cuts are gonna be gut-wrenching.

  5. Jon Sorensen says:

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to see if they keep 7 D and 14 forwards. The risk on waivers is in the F group. Leason Snively Axel

  7. steven says:

    Lets hope that tonights showing was enough to get someone to take a flyer on Eller for a mid round pick and the Caps keeping 1/2 his salary. Also that the lack of playing time is enough to get MoJo put on waivers.

    • Dan+Hornbaker says:

      yawn, different day, same clown.

      • steven says:

        Frankly if you have nothing positive to say then you are a Troll. A little, fat, ugly big nosed hairy troll. And guess what you dont have to dress up for Halloween!! So go bother someone who likes you adn cares what trolls say or do!

    • DWGie26 says:

      I mean… I appreciate opinions. But so often your comments are just angry and way out of context with reality. Neither of of those things are remotely possible right now if you are paying attention to what is happening on and off the ice. Probably why Dan made the comment he did.

      • steven says:

        LMAO…….really dont care what dan thinks especially as I dont know it. And as for angry…..lets put it this way, all sport are kids games played by adults making lots of money for entertainment purposes. Get angry at sports…..LMAO!! Getting angry at sports serves no purpose just like getting angry at a character in a movie serves no purpose. Now if dan is or you are so intelligent that you can read anger into something that someone says then please go to the head of the class and teach this to all of us. Out of context, are you and dan now the hall monitors or the thought police? Isnt this a forum to share opinions and thoughts? Or is it just for what you and he want? And why is nothing remotely possible, because you think so? So I guess you are happy living in your sterile world with no exchanges of ideas or thoughts outside the box. How drab and boring life must be for you and dan. Maybe it is because you have no new ideas other than to repeat what everyone else says. Angry… I said sports, the internet, forums like this are not worth getting angry about unless you have a small mind and no lie outside this forum. And reality is nice but sometimes when thinking outside the box you leave reality behind and that is not being angry. If you dont like what i post move on as there is no need to comment as I dont comment on everything I read as so much of it is silly dribble.

        • DWGie26 says:

          I’m not looking for a fight Steven. And I am also not going to assassinate anyone’s character. But you are correct, I prefer a more pragmatic and cerebral exchange of ideas regardless of the side. I enjoy the diversity of thoughts.

          • steven says:

            Fight, left those days long ago as they are unproductive and just to old to care enough to fight anymore and besides it is best done on the ice or in the ring! Besides I never looked at fighting as entertainment or enjoyable. Discuss always. Exchange ideas especially with those who have different ones. Just dont ever touch my bacon, Irish whiskey or change the channel or station during a game or song and we will be good.

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