Capitals Announce Roster For Second Preseason Game

The Washington Capitals have released their roster for their next preseason game set for Wednesday night against the Flyers in Philadelphia. (Puck drop is 7:00PM). As expected, the roster is once again primarily made up of prospects.

The first preseason game consisted of mainly junior hockey prospects, where game 2 will primarily consist of prospects that will play in Hershey this season:

Forwards: Henrik Borgstrom, Dylan Strome, Garnet Hathaway, Connor Brown, Mike Vecchione, Axel Jonsson-Fjallby, Beck Malenstyn, Henrik Rybinski, Aliaksei Protas, Ludwig Persson, Kale Kessy, Marcus Johansson and Joe Snively.

Defensemen: Gabriel Carlsson, Dylan McIlrath, Lucas Johansen, Benton Maass, Matt Irwin, Trevor van Riemsdyk and Bobby Nardella.

Goaltenders: Zach Fucale and Charlie Lindgren

Expect a second round of cuts to follow game 2, likely on Thursday. The Bears open preseason action one week from today when they visit the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Puck drop set for 10:30 AM.

The Capitals return to full group practices on Thursday with the next preseason game set for Friday night against the Red Wings in Detroit. Opening night is two weeks from tonight.

Capitals game notes are here. The Flyers roster for tonight is here.


10 a.m.: Group A practice (Arlington Rink)

10:45 a.m.: Group A practice (Capitals Rink)

11:40 a.m.: Group A off-ice workouts (Gym)

11:55 a.m.: Group A media availability

1:30 p.m.: Groups B & C practice (Arlington & Capitals Rinks)

2:20 p.m.: Groups B & C Scrimmage (Arlington Rink)

2:50 p.m.: Groups B & C Scrimmage (Capitals Rink)

Post-skate: Head coach Peter Laviolette media availability

3:30 p.m.: Groups B & C off-ice workouts (Gym)

3:45 p.m.: Groups B & C media availability


By Jon Sorensen

About Jon Sorensen

Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His interest in the Caps has grown over the decades and included time as a season ticket holder. He has been a journalist covering the team for 10+ years, primarily focusing on analysis, analytics and prospect development.
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17 Responses to Capitals Announce Roster For Second Preseason Game

  1. novafyre says:

    Glad to see the prospects playing. Canes last night played their regular first 3 lines. Beat the Bolts (who played min 6 vets) 5-1. Was surprised at the Canes markup. I guess Rod likes rookies even less than Lavi.

    Am surprised that Stevenson isn’t getting a nod.

    Still have power, still hoping to watch the game tonight. Already very nasty south of Tampa Bay.

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      That is indeed surprising. Makes you wonder what the reasoning is. Maybe he feels they are out of shape? Not a good way to develop prospects.

      Stay safe wherever you are, Fyre. This looks like the big one.

      • novafyre says:

        Thanks. A few miles can make a huge difference, like living in Fairfax east of 95 with no snow but watching Loudoun and western Fairfax get dumped on. So far, predictions are encouraging. But I really feel bad for those south of me — Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte counties, they’re already getting 70 to 140 mph winds.

        Why do you think Fucale and Lindgren? Perhaps some doubt about which is #2 and which is #3? I really expected Zach and Clay or Hunter and Clay to determine 3, 4, and 5.

        • Jon Sorensen says:

          Yeah, Fort Myers Beach looks like it’s taking a direct hit. Spent a lot of time there.

          It’s an interesting tandem for tonight. I think the 2/3 designations are not set in stone right now.

        • DWGie26 says:

          its a good question. I think Charlie because he is a vet and he needs a game. Surprised about Fucale though. I hope we see Stevenson on Friday. Maybe with Shepherd. Keumper in final two games.

          I live in Loudoun so I know what you mean with snow. But we are sad that we haven’t had much the last couple of years!

          Stay safe down there in FL!

  2. DWGie26 says:

    I’m excited for this second preseason lineup. Lots of players I am excited to see including Strome, Brown, Borgstrom, and Rybinski. Also excited to see Carlsson and Johanson on dee and Charlie Sideburns in goal. Caps doing the right thing by getting everyone looks.

    On the McMichael front, I view him sitting as a good thing. He showed well on Sunday and coaches want to look at other players.

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      Yeah, I think the starters for this game were planned a while ago, although Snively getting a second game is very interesting. C-Mac will likely return on Friday.

      • DWGie26 says:

        I thought Snively was our best player on Sunday (not just because he scored). They need to figure out where to slot him. I don’t think he is built for 4th line. He is middle 6 or bench but he won’t be going to Hershey. Especially as they showcase him he’ll at a minimum be 13th. Question is can AJF or Mojo grab the 14th Forward spot. Imagine we’ll hold 7 dee.

      • Jonathan says:

        Is Protas also interesting? I thought he had a great first game, and that he was rewarded in this game, playing 2nd line center.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How did Protas look in the first preseason game?

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      He looked good. Glad to see he’s getting a second game already. Much deserved.

    • DWGie26 says:

      Yes… he looked good. I think he is NHL ready. His ceiling might be higher than CMM but he’ll be a wing for the caps (as a center fill-in when needed). CMM clearly better at center. That said, he is waiver exempt and I doubt he will make the team out of the gate but will be a regular call-up when needed for injuries.

  4. steven says:

    Nice lineup but a little surprised that there is no Shepard or Stevenson as Fucale played a couple of games last year. Also thought that Lapierre might receive another game. With Protas getting a 2nd game wonder if that could mean Lav is looking to keep him this year? I think that the big tell will be who plays Friday night as I would assume that the vets get the last few games. Just thinking for down the road, as the Caps have a history of firing coaches in November and as Lav is a lame duck coach, and further assuming that if/when Lav goes that McCarthy also goes, do you think that they would promote Scott Allen or is there someone floating around out there that they might bring in on a short term basis?

    • novafyre says:

      I would still like to see Carbury get a chance.

    • DWGie26 says:

      its been a long time since the caps fired a coach in November. Trotz finished out his contract and won a cup as a “lame-duck” coach. Reirdon was anointed before he was named but was terrible. Caps brass and the players all seem to like Lavi (not the case with Reirdon, Hunter, Cassidy, etc).

      Mainstream media has him on the hot seat, but washington insiders don’t think so and they are closer to it. Even if they start slowly I don’t think Lavi is at risk. It would have to be really bad to fire him before Wilson is back in the lineup.

      and if a change at season end, then yes to Carburry!

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