Capitals’ Prospect Hendrix Lapierre: “I Know What I Did Last Year And I Want To Do It Again And Do It Even Better”

On Monday, Washington Capitals prospect forward Hendrix Lapierre spoke to the media on the final day of the team’s rookie camp. The 20-year-old discussed how camp has been overall and what he worked on during the offseason.

Lapierre said there was “a lot” to take away from this year’s camp in addition to the experience from last year. “It’s pretty good to have rookie camp honestly…I feel as a group we did a really good job of building the intensity up and making sure everyone was going 100 percent. I think everyone is ready for main camp now.”

“Last year I arrived and I think nobody really expected me to do what I did…maybe add a little [fewer] expectations as to where right now, I know what I did last year and I want to do it again and do it even better…I’ll be ready that’s for sure. I’ve been training all summer for this and now it’s time to go, so pretty excited.”

For Lapierre, the offseason was spent “putting weight on,” adding, “Smart weight—not fat obviously, but just like being more heavy. I feel like playing eighty-two games against grown men and thirty, thirty-five year-old guys, I feel like for me was get bigger, get stronger…I tried to eat a lot, spend as much time as I could in the gym without burning myself out…from what we’ve seen the last couple of weeks with the fitness results and stuff like that, everything’s positive. I feel comfortable with that.” Lapierre noted he gained 7-8 pounds this summer.

“You can’t arrive at camp and not have the mentality of making that team, you know? You gotta be a confident player,” Lapierre said on his ambitions this season. “I think I’ve put myself in a situation to have success with what I’ve done in the summer…obviously the goal is to make that team. It’s been in my head ever since I got eliminated last year in the QMJHL and it’s still in my head and now it’s go-time, so as I said I’ll be ready. Whatever happens, happens, but I just don’t want to have any regrets kinda like last year and just play my game and see what happens.”

Additionally, assistant general manager Ross Mahoney spoke of Lapierre during his media session earlier today, noting he and defensive prospect Vincent Iorio, who attended last year’s rookie camp too, “showed really good leadership” during this camp.

“I also like the leadership part that they showed. They’re both good kids and good character guys, but it’s one thing to come out and train and work hard and then get on the ice and do your thing—there’s another thing to take on a leadership role. I thought that was very impressive for both of them.”

His expectations of Lapierre were fairly simple: “That’s up to him.”

“Coming to camp and doing well and when you get your chance in exhibition games, perform…I always think with the younger guys, make it difficult for the coaches. Make their decision really difficult. It’s up to Hendrix and I know he’s going to come in with a great attitude. He’ll make it interesting.”

By Della Young

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2 Responses to Capitals’ Prospect Hendrix Lapierre: “I Know What I Did Last Year And I Want To Do It Again And Do It Even Better”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. He was pretty disappointed in the send down last season, at least for a short period of time.

  2. DWGie26 says:

    I just love this kids attitude and work ethic. Every time i read an article or see an interview I like him even more. Still going to be beneficial for him to play AHL which will be a much different game than the Q. Not to mention the roster dynamics. But we’ll see him in the NHL soon!

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