Bend It Like Ovechkin: Alex Ovechkin Scores In Dynamo FC Exhibition Game

Photo: FC Dynamo

Earlier this week, FC Dynamo announced that Alex Ovechkin had signed a one-game contract with them to play in an exhibition game against Amkal, a team of bloggers, on Saturday. Ovechkin scored the first goal of the game, which turned out to be the game-winning goal, as Dynamo blasted Amkal, 5-0.

Ovechkin wore #3, which was the number of his father, Mikhail, when he played for the the Dynamo club. Ovechkin wore the Captain’s armband to start the game. He donned golden cleats in honor of Francesco Totti, the legendary Italian football player.

Nearly 11 minutes into the game, Ovechkin scored the game’s first goal, from the soccer field equivalent of his “office”. Dynamo striker Fyodor Smolov passed the ball back to Ovechkin with his heel. Ovechkin collected the pass and fired a left-footer from outside the penalty area, scoring just inside the far post.

Ovechkin was asked about his left-footed kick following the game. “I’m weird. I write with my right hand, throw with my left hand, kick the ball with my left foot, and play hockey with my right hand. This is how i am,” Ovechkin told MatchTV.

The Washington Capitals captain was a bull on the pitch, simply discarding opposing players with a flick of his shoulder. I’m not sure if this player knew who Ovechkin was, as he thought he was going to simply push Ovechkin off of the ball.

Ovechkin left the game soon after scoring his goal in 12th minute of the game, and gave his captain’s armband to Midfielder Daniil Fomin. The remaining four goals were all scored in the second half. Following the game the fans voted Ovechkin as the game’s Most Valuable Player.

Ovechkin was asked after the game if he was worried about playing in the game. He said he wasn’t, but was concerned about his conditioning, having been on vacation for the last month.

“You know, no. I was more worried about the fact that we are on vacation. How will I feel physically? And already at the warm-up, I realized that it would be hard,” said Ovechkin.

“It was very hot. I had to douse myself with water. Heat, stuffiness. But I entered the game more or less normally. It’s good that I followed Fedor Smolov, how he moves. It helped me a lot that I watched his movements and interacted with him.”

Ovechkin added that the game was for his father. “My father played for Dynamo Moscow and was injured. Today, this match was more for him than for me.”

Both of Ovechkin’s son’s were in attendance for the game. MatchTV asked son Sergei about the chance he might play soccer like his father and grandfather. “Never! said Sergei Ovechkin, firmly. Only hockey!”

Photos From The Game

The next day, Ovechkin posted his feelings about the match on Instagram, saying,”Thank you so much @fcdynamo for making my dream of playing for my home club come true! These are unforgettable emotions for me, my family and friends! I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.”

By Diane Doyle

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By Diane Doyle

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