Join NoVa Caps’ Bracket Challenge For 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs


Do you want a shot at going to a 2022-23 NHL Event worth $5,000? Well, here’s your chance. Join NoVa Caps’ NHL Bracket Challenge League for the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are no limits on how many people can join, but you must have an account to be eligible to enter a bracket.  (link to join: here).

Brackets are not open to fill in yet but you can join the league at any time. The tournament is tentatively set to begin on Saturday. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, where we will let you know when brackets are open to fill out.

If you do not have one, sign up before 7 PM ET on Wednesday, when the first Stanley Cup Playoff tentatively game starts.

Once you finish your bracket before the first game of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs, make sure you save it.

You do not have to complete your bracket at a certain time, just before the first game.

Prize information:

The confirmed First Place Winner in the Promotion shall receive one (1) Grand Prize, as follows. One (1) Grand Prize – The Grand Prize consists of one (1) 2022-2023 NHL event package valued at up to $5,000 USD and includes: (i) two (2) tickets (seating for each as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) for the First Place Winner and his/her travel guest (“Guest”) to attend First Place Winner’s choice of one (1) 2022-2023 NHL event selected from a list of events, as determined and as provided by Sponsor; (ii) two (2) nights hotel accommodations (as selected by the Sponsor in its sole discretion; standard room/double occupancy); and (iii) round-trip coach-class airfare for two (2) people departing from a major airport located nearest to the winner’s home (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to the selected NHL event city. Approximate retail value (“ARV”) of the Grand Prize is up to $5,000 USD. Note: In the event the First Place Winner of the Grand Prize selects an NHL event with a total trip cost of less than $5,000 USD (inclusive of travel and other elements), the difference will not be awarded to the First Place Winner in cash (or any other form of consideration) and such differential shall be forfeited. Should the First Place Winner select an NHL event that results in the trip cost exceeding $5,000 USD (inclusive of travel and other elements), the First Place Winner will be required to pay the difference and cover all additional costs at their own expense. Any additional costs incurred in collecting and using any element of the Grand Prize not covered by the $5,000 maximum value are the First Place Winner’s sole responsibility. Travel and hotel accommodations will be booked by Sponsor following winner verification. If the costs for travel and hotel, when taken together with other elements of the Grand Prize (i.e., the tickets), will exceed the $5,000 USD maximum prize value, then the First Place Winner will be required to reimburse Sponsor for the difference. Sponsor to provide event tickets to First Place Winner on site prior to event. Actual value of the trip portion of the Grand Prize may vary based on airfare fluctuations and distance between departure airport and NHL event destination. In accepting the Grand Prize, the First Place Winner is responsible for all federal, state, county, provincial, local and all other taxes in all applicable jurisdictions (including income and withholding) on the Grand Prize and costs and expenses not specifically listed above as part of the Grand Prize including, without limitation, additional airfare and hotel costs (as applicable), surcharges, service charges, meals, food, beverages, insurance, valid travel documentation, passports, transfers/transportation to and from the airports, car rentals, medical/health expenses, gratuities, excess baggage fees, communication charges, and all personal expenses and incidentals. Due to the nature of the Grand Prize, the First Place Winner and Guest must be available to travel between the departure and return dates determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion or the Grand Prize will be forfeited. Unless Guest is a minor child of the First Place Winner (or the First Place Winner is the legal guardian of Guest), Guest must be the age of majority in their jurisdiction of primary residence prior to signing the requisite travel and publicity release in order to accompany the First Place Winner. In the event that the Guest is a minor child of the First Place Winner or the First Place Winner is the legal guardian of Guest, the First Place Winner must execute the required release on Guest’s behalf. Travel arrangements are subject to availability, blackout dates and other restrictions. The First Place Winner and Guest must travel on the same itinerary and, if departing from outside the United States, have valid passports and visas (with the term “valid” being defined as what is valid under United States and foreign laws) at the time of departure from the respective country including up to and including the time of return to the respective country and in the event for any reason the First Place Winner does not have a valid passport/visa at the time of departure neither such winner nor Guest may travel and the Grand Prize will be forfeited in its entirety and nothing will be substituted in its place but if at the time of departure such winner does have a valid passport/visa and Guest does not have a valid passport/visa such winner may travel unaccompanied by Guest and such winner may not choose a new Guest. There are no deviations to travel allowed except as approved by Sponsor in its sole discretion. If the First Place Winner’s residence is in close enough proximity to the NHL event destination city, as the Sponsor determines in its sole discretion, the Sponsor may provide ground travel in lieu of air travel. Sponsor is not responsible if any of the NHL events are delayed, postponed or cancelled for any reason in which event that portion of the prize is forfeited in its entirety and no substitution will be provided except as in Sponsor’s sole discretion. First Place Winner and Guest must abide by all venue policies and event ticket terms and conditions including any rules and regulations related to COVID-19. Sponsor reserves the right to revoke the full or partial prize from any winner or winner’s guest who it or venue personnel deem, in their sole discretion, may be intoxicated, be a safety or health risk, have violated any venue policy or law, or may bring the NHL Entities into disrepute. Sponsor shall not have any obligation or responsibility if the prize, or any component thereof, cannot be awarded due to delays or interruptions due to Acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, weather or any other event beyond Sponsor’s reasonable control, including but not limited to, events or circumstances that could affect public health or safety. The total ARV of all prizes (i.e., one (1) Grand Prize) is up to $5,000 USD. ARV of prize is in U.S. dollars. All details and other restrictions of prize not specified in these Official Rules will be determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Actual value of any prize awarded under this Promotion may be lower or higher at the time of its fulfillment, and any difference between actual value and the stated ARV (if actual value is lower than stated ARV) will not be awarded. Prize is non-transferable and non-refundable and must be accepted as awarded (except as specifically permitted by Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion). Any portion of any prize not accepted or unclaimed and/or unused by the respective winners will be forfeited and will not be substituted. Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute a prize (or portion thereof) with another prize (or portion thereof) of equal or greater value whether due to the unavailability of a prize or prize component, or for any other reason. Winner is solely responsible for any and all applicable federal, state, county, provincial, local and/or any other applicable taxes in all applicable jurisdictions (including income and withholding, as applicable) and/or other costs and expenses associated with accepting, redeeming and/or using the prize which are not specifically listed herein as part of the prize.

By Harrison Brown

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Harrison is a diehard Caps fan and a hockey fanatic with a passion for sports writing. He attended his first game at age 8 and has been a season ticket holder since the 2010-2011 season. His fondest Caps memory was watching the Capitals hoist the Stanley Cup in Las Vegas. In his spare time, he enjoys travel, photography, and hanging out with his two dogs. Follow Harrison on Twitter @HarrisonB927077
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