News Roundup From The NHL’s General Managers Meetings

We’ve once again reached that point in the NHL season when the league’s general manager’s escape the cold and dreary north and head for warmer temps and cushy confines in south Florida for two days of meetings. Here’s a quick recap of what was discussed at the meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

Salary Cap

The salary cap will increase $1 million to $83.5 million for the 2022-23 season, as was previously agreed-upon between the NHL/NHLPA. Today’s news means the league’s financial footing is still solid and no change is required.

The salary cap is scheduled to increase by $1 million each season thru 2024-25, upon which the NHLPA debt will be paid off and the salary cap will then be expected to take a big jump starting 2025-26 (unless league revenues continue to climb and the debt is paid off sooner).

LTIR/Playoff Salary Cap

The general managers agreed to have further dialogue on the long-term injured reserve (LTIR)/playoff salary cap idea at the next meeting in Montreal at the draft in July. The NHL has already had discussions with the NHLPA about LTIR. Bettman said LTIR was discussed with the GMs, but “nobody thinks it’s been abused.” The concern stems from teams over the years appearing to have abused LTIR in order to save cap space during the season and have those same players appear during the playoffs (See Tampa Bay Lightning).

2022 NHL Draft

Commissioner Gary Bettman reiterated that the NHL Draft is still a go for Montreal, July 7-8, and will be held in person at the Bell Centre. Daly added that he didn’t anticipate restrictions being placed on Russian players being drafted.

World Cup Of Hockey

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly said the next World Cup of Hockey in 2024 won’t have a Team North America youngsters team nor a Team Europe. The event will go back to a traditional field of countries only.


Bill Daly said the league has talked to the NHLPA about changing the way no-trade lists are registered. The idea will be to copy both Central Registry and the NHLPA with the no trade list information. This is in lieu of the Dadonov situation from last week.

Ottawa Senators

According to Sportsnet, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will be discussing the future of the Ottawa Senators ownership with the late Eugene Melnyk’s daughters and estate, he told reporters after the annual general managers meetings concluded in Palm Beach County, Fla., on Tuesday.

Although he didn’t want to get into specifics, Bettman told reporters he’d be discussing next steps with Melnyk’s daughters, Anna and Olivia, as well as the executor of Melnyk’s estate. Bettman said an ownership structure has been in place and anticipated the franchise to continue operating as it has.

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4 Responses to News Roundup From The NHL’s General Managers Meetings

  1. novafyre says:

    Does this mean that the NHL and KHL still have an agreement about honoring each other’s contracts?

    • Anonymous says:

      per the start of the war they are honoring ecisting contracts but not going forward. presably the war will end eventually and things will return before it matters

      • novafyre says:

        Sounds very optimistic for contracts, visas, travel, banking, all the off ice things that have to happen before the on ice activities can. But you’re right, we’ve had Russian players spend 1, 2, maybe more years in Russia after being drafted and before coming over. But I still think it has to weigh on a GM’s mind as draft day approaches.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t sound like general managers want to close LTIR loophole.

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