Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin: “Most Important Thing—It Doesn’t Matter How—You Just Have To Get Two Points”

On Saturday, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin spoke to the media following today’s practice. He discussed head coach Peter Laviolette, who is one win away from 700 career wins in the NHL and the team getting back into more consistent play.

“We’re going to be happy for him, obviously…he knows how to win, he loves the game,” Ovechkin said about Laviolette’s approaching milestone.

“Every coach is different—different person, different system, but I think he’s honest to the player…he loves talking. That’s the most important thing. He wants to win. He always wants to be a champion.” Ovechkin said Laviolette’s honesty with players is “important” and “communication is there.” “I think for young guys, he will give you [chances] and give you a good lesson.”

Ovechkin did not play in Thursday’s 5-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens at Bell Center due to Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions; however, he was pleased with his team, saying they “did [a] very good job.” “Happy for [left-wing Joe Snively]—big game. [The] most important thing—it doesn’t matter how—you just have to get two points. I know right now we’re kind of in slop, but it’s a good thing it happened in the middle of the season and not the end of the year.”

He feels like the leadership does not need to address the room regarding their play, noting their age and experience and how “we’re better than that.” “Obviously, the frustration is simple. You just have to win the game…when you’re in a position of ups-and-downs, you just have to find a way and try to get consistency.”

By Della Young

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