Swiss Player Falls Into Ice Reservoir Following Check Into Boards

Photos: @MySports_CH

Hockey always has something new to show you and Thursday was no different. Following a somewhat innocuous hit into the boards, Arnaud Montandon of HC Sierre in the Swiss League (2nd tier), fell into the reservoir where the zamboni dumps the ice after resurfacing.

The game was stopped as players from both sides teamed up to help get Montandon out of the water.

Montandon said after the game that it was quite a shock. ”Imagine that at this moment I am in full effort. I am hot. My gear is hot. And in half a second I go from a temperature of 37-38 degrees (Celsius) to… I don’t know, probably close to zero. Frankly, luckily I was on my feet. If I had to swim I don’t know how it would have ended.”

“I had to change everything, I was soaked. Fortunately, I have almost a full spare equipment. I ended the game with old stuff. But at the time, I did not realize. It was when I got home in the evening that I thought about it all. I hugged my wife and thought I was lucky because I took a hell of a fall!” said Montandon.

Montandon’s wife was not in attendance. “No, she’s about to give birth. The term has passed for a few days. I think if she had been in Graben she would have given birth there (laughs).”

Luckily it appears that Montandon suffered no serious injuries as a result of the unanticipated ice bath.

“It’s okay, I still have a little back pain. But it will be fine. We don’t train before Monday and we don’t play before the 28th, I will be able to enjoy the Christmas party,” Montandon told Blick.

By Jon Sorensen

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