Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin Accidentally Knocks Over Fan’s Beer During Warmups, But Made It Up To Him

Photo: @BarDown

There’s never a dull moment in hockey—even in warmups. On December 14 during pre-game skate between the New York Islanders and Detroit Red Wings, a little mishap occurred with Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin.

After Larkin skated and shot a puck into the net, he had slammed into the glass, which caused a fan’s beer in the first row that was sitting on the dasher board to fall and spill. He apologized but told his teammates, “I feel terrible.”

To make it up to the fan, he went over the bench and called for Rick Szuber, Detriot’s locker room attendant, and asked if Szuber could get $20 from his wallet to give to the fan.

Szuber then delivered the money to the fan to purchase a new beer:

It was a very kind gesture by Larkin, and perhaps a lesson for fans: be mindful of what you put on the boards at the glass.

By Della Young

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