The New Jersey for New Jersey – Devils Unveil All-Black Third Alternates Partially Designed by Martin Brodeur

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On Tuesday, the New Jersey Devils revealed the franchise’s first-ever third alternate jerseys, partially designed by former Devils goaltender and Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur. The all-black sweaters will be worn thirteen times this season.

Devils’ Senior Vice President of Marketing Jillian Frechette said, “This is a jersey for New Jersey, and it says it right on the front. Our fans were potentially expecting something a little different, but they were longing for black. For us as a brand, and as a team, it’s the ability to pay homage to our past but take this bold step forward as a brand. And I think that’s the most critical piece.”

Working on this jersey since 2018, they implemented feedback and collaborated among those in the organization, but the initial design from beginning to end was all thanks to Brodeur.

The third jersey exudes pride that the Devils are the only professional team that plays in the state while wearing it across their chest. What was once indicated by the horned and tailed “NJ” is now spelled out proudly with “Jersey” across the front:

Photos: @NJDevils

“The organization has been playing with the same jersey for almost forty years, and to be a part of bringing a third jersey for our fans to enjoy is going to leave a great mark,” Brodeur said, adding, “The new sweater is inspired by a history of hockey in the Garden State that fans may not be familiar with, and layered with design elements of Devils championship success. This is a jersey our alumni are envious of that they wished they could have played in it back in their day. People throughout the state and country know us as “Jersey,” this is our place, our home and this jersey signifies that.”

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A fun element to the new jersey is the lacing at the neck, which is reflective of a goalie net and a nod Brodeur.

“That was probably something a little selfish. I figured we needed to put a little goalie thing in the jersey and at first, I wanted to get really the hockey net itself to be the string of the jersey and I guess we can’t do that. So we can mimic with just the laces that look like hockey netting. So this was kind of a pretty nice touch, I thought.”

The third jerseys were reportedly leaked earlier this month, but now it’s official. The Devils will wear the third jersey thirteen times. The team will hit the ice for the first time wearing them on December 8 as they host the Philadelphia Flyers. The remaining games will be released on November 26.

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