Oskar Magnusson And Bogdan Trineyev Participate In Four Nations Tournament – Oskar Magnusson Scores Goal

Photo: Sydsvenskan

The Four Nations Tournament for Under 20 players took place at Catena arena in Ängelholm, Sweden this past weekend. Participating nations included Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the Czech Republic.

Capitals prospects Oskar Magnusson of Sweden and Bogdan Trineyev of Russia were both selected to play for their native countries. The tournament was a round robin, with each country playing each of the other three countries.

On Sunday, November 14, Sweden played Russia in the final game of the tournament.  Russia won the game 5-2 and won the tournament. Capitals prospect Oskar Magnusson scored a goal in the game to improve the score to 4-2.

Overall, Magnusson played in three games in the tournament and scored just one goal. Meanwhile, Bogdan Trineyev was used as an extra forward who practiced with the team but was unable to get into any games.

Russia sent players to three different tournaments last week: Karjala Cup in Finland, Deutschland Cup (or Germany Cup) in Germany, and the Four Nations Tournament. The KHL paused their season so that players could take part in international competition.

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Statistics for the Four Nations Tournament can be found on Swedish Hockey Website.
Federation Hockey Russia Site

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