Ilya Samsonov’s Absence at Start of Capitals-Panthers Game: He “Needed A Minute”

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Washington Capitals goaltender Ilya Samsonov had an odd start to Thursday’s game against the Florida Panthers. He was absent at the beginning of the game before heading to the net 1:45 into the first period.

During postgame media availability, head coach Peter Laviolette said Samsonov “needed a minute” before puck drop. Vitek Vanecek started tonight’s game and was on the ice for not even two minutes before Samsonov returned.

After the Capitals were trailing the Panthers 3-1, Samsonov was pulled midway through the second period and Vanecek got the nod to go between the pipes. That decision was made by Laviolette, who said, “That was me, just making a call and not liking the way the game went. There were just things I thought we could have done better, things that he could have done better.”

Also worth mentioning is Panthers’ goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky not returning at the start of the second period due to an upper-body injury. Spencer Knight started for the middle frame.

Washington fell to Florida 5-4 in overtime.

By Della Young

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10 Responses to Ilya Samsonov’s Absence at Start of Capitals-Panthers Game: He “Needed A Minute”

  1. novafyre says:

    He needed a minute? Seriously?

  2. Melissa says:

    Hope it helped. It threw off everyone’s game and cost us a goal / the game. It was also reported somewhere he was late to the bench to begin with. Do we know if that’s true?

  3. nonna427 says:

    His issues for the last 2 years have been distracting 🤬.
    After tonite I’m really over him:(

  4. steven says:

    Ok late to the bench is a terrible excuse. With this problem adn others the past 2 years wonder how much longer the Caps will put up with him? Wonder if they could make a package deal…..Sammy and Kuzy for draft picks and several players with very very short contracts.

  5. Mike F. says:

    This team REALLY needs to address the goalie situation. To me, these guys are backups. We need a HORSE.

  6. James W says:

    I think he had to poop right before puck drop.

  7. kbro says:

    this team is 10 games in with 1 regulation loss . we have a guy who will catch hull this weekend and probably jagr by the end of the year.lets all relax and think the magic number 895,895,895.

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