Capitals Prospect Bogdan Trineyev Returns to Lineup, Records Assist In First Game Back

Photo: MHK Dynamo

MHK Dynamo, the Moscow Dynamo youth hockey team, traveled to the Bobrov Ice Palace in Stupino to face Kapitan Stupino on Friday. Dynamo won the game with a commanding score of 9-1. The game on Friday was also notable for the return of Capitals prospect Bodgan Trineyev.

Trineyev was placed on the second line with Andrei Nikonov (#79) and Alexander Kisakov (#52). He recorded an assist on the team’s sixth goal of the game that was scored by Alexander Kisakov.

One of the earlier publicity photos for the game showed him sitting on the bench and raising two fingers. The brace/bandage on his injured thumb can be seen.  Dynamo went on to say he should now be getting back into playing shape and should help their offense.

They also showed a picture of him pictured in a practice jersey.

Trineyev spoke to the press prior to the game and talked about returning to the team after his injury.

“It’s always a shame to miss a season due to injury. And especially at the beginning, when the season is gaining momentum. I would like, of course, to do without injuries. Unfortunately, however, it did not work out. There’s nothing you can do about it – it’s part of our sport. I don’t dwell on this. It’s good that I have already returned and again in the ranks.”

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Trineyev had not played for the team since the Kharlamov Cup finals. He shared his observations on the team.

“There are many guys who have been from last season. I met all the newcomers. We have a good, close-knit team, ready to fight for each other.”

He continued talking about the team’s determination.

“Everyone perfectly understands why we are here and what for. We are ready. The coaching staff only directs us, and so the guys have already groped for chemistry and certain bonds have formed. We all know what we are working for – for the [Kharlamov] Cup!”

He discussed his personal goals, saying, “It’s simple – firstly, to go through the season without injuries, and secondly, to benefit your team.”

The full interview and the related article can be found here. The game story from the MHK Dynamo site can be found here.

Update: On Saturday (Oct 10), MHK Dynamo beat Kapitan again, by a 7-2 score. Trineyev assisted on the first goal.

By Diane Doyle

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