2021 NHL Expansion Draft Primer

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With teams having to submit their protection lists for the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft in just nine days, NoVa Caps provides a guide for all fans about the event.

Protection Lists

  • Teams can choose between protecting
    • seven forwards, three defensemen, one goalie
    • eight skaters (forwards + defensemen), one goalie
  • The Seattle Kraken must take only one player from each team besides the Vegas Golden Knights (who are exempt)
    • however, teams can trade them more to prevent them from losing other players they wish to keep
  • Due on Saturday, July 17 at 5 PM ET
  • Will be made public on Sunday, July 18 at 10 AM ET

Exemptions From Being Selected

  • all players on entry-level contracts
    • however, teams can trade players on entry-level contracts to Kraken as incentives to protect extra player(s) they would like to protect
  • A player must have played at least two full professional seasons by the end of 2020-21 (at least nine games in a season) to be eligible for selection
  • 18 players are exempt due to career-ending injuries
    • Players with potential career-ending injuries who have missed the previous 60+ consecutive games due to an injury, do not meet the criteria set forth by the league in respect to the minimum exposure requirements for players, and in certain cases these players may even be deemed as exempt from the Expansion Draft selection process

No-Movement Clauses

  • each player that contains a NMC in his contract must be protected unless giving their club permission to expose them
  • The deadline for asking players to waive their NMC prior to the expansion draft is on Tuesday
  • Players with No-Trade Clauses in their contracts do not have to be protected

Roster Freeze

  • Teams may not trade unless they are with the Kraken beginning at 3 PM ET on Saturday, July 17
  • no players can sign contracts with any other team besides the Kraken starting at this time
  • lifted at 1 PM ET on Thursday, July 22

Free Agency

  • The Kraken will have the opportunity to talk to unprotected pending (un)restricted free agents starting at 10 AM ET on Sunday, July 18
  • They may sign free agents as soon as they reach a contract agreement with them
  • If the Kraken sign any free agents, they count as their pick from the player’s 2020-21 team

Roster Submission

  • The Kraken will have to turn in their 2021 Expansion Draft selections, trades, and free-agent signings by 10 AM ET on Wednesday, July 21
  • Their picks will be announced to the public starting at 8 PM ET that night

Expansion Draft Selection Requirements

  • Kraken must take at least
    • 14 forwards
    • nine defensemen
    • three goalies
    • 20 players under contract for 2021-22

Salary Cap

  • The Kraken must
    • spend at least $48.9 million, the salary cap floor for 2021-22
    • stay compliant with the $81.5 million salary cap ceiling

Exposure Requirements

  • Each team must expose at least
    • two forwards and one defenseman who have played at least 27 games in 2020-21 or 54 from 2019-21, under contract for next season
    • a goalie who is under contract for 2021-22 or who can become a restricted free agent on July 27

Broadcast Information

  • will be broadcasted on Wednesday, July 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN2 in the U.S. and Sportsnet and SN NOW in Canada
  • Hosted by ESPN’s Chris Fowler
    • joined by former NHL forward Dominic Moore
  • Kevin Weekes, who has provided commentary and analysis for NHL Network and Hockey Night in Canada, will be reporting from various iconic Seattle locations

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