Capitals’ Michal Kempny Helps in Relief Efforts After Tornado Rips Through Southern Czech Republic

Photos: @michalkempny/@m.a.r.m.e.l.a.d.a

Strong storms produced a rare tornado along the southern border of the Czech Republic on Thursday. Washington Capitals defenseman Michal Kempny, who is back in his home country during the offseason, took to social media to share the destruction left by the twister and help in relief efforts.

Kempny received a video of the tornado from his family in their hometown of Hodonín, which lies on the Morava River, bordering Slovakia.

Wind speeds over 206 MPH were recorded and left 45,000 homes without power. Five people have died as a result, according to Czech media.

The 30-year-old took part in recovery efforts on Friday and Saturday:

Screencap: @michalkempny/IG Story
Video: @michalkempny/IG Story

Kempny said on Instagram that he “still can’t believe what catastrophe hit South Moravia” on Thursday. “Today’s return is different and personal. Looking at the current situation, it freezes me. I feel very grateful that my family and loved ones are fine and safe, but on the other hand, I know that many families have not been so lucky and I am sad about it. Stay strong south Moravia! We will get [through] this!”

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