Peter Laviolette Says His Home Has Been “More Of A Frat House Than A Family House” This Season

Washington Capitals head coach Peter Laviolette told 106.7 The Fan Monday morning that   he’s had a couple of the Capitals assistant coaches living with him this season. While the living situation has made it easier for he and his staff to conduct Capitals-related work, it’s made his home “more of a frat house than a family house.”

Laviolette’s family has been away, but are returning very soon for the postseason. As a result, Laviolette has had to take care of a few of the chores around the house, including changing the sheets on the beds, before his wife returns.

”I had coaches living with me. Just with the way the year went, it was more of a frat house than a family house. My wife’s been in Florida. Nobody’s family has really been around. Because of the year, it’s been crazy,” said Laviolette.

With Laviolette’s family now coming into town, he’s had to make a few changes around the house, and get after a few of the household chores.

“One coach moved out, the other coach is going to move above the garage and my family is going to come in. I took a quick run to the dry cleaners to drop off some dry cleaning.”

Laviolette was jokingly asked if he was running a flop house for assistant coaches. He agreed, but confirmed that when the wife returns, things will change.

”I am but my wife is coming in so we gotta get in check here. She gives me a list before she gets here, ‘those sheets better be changed’, and this, that and the other.”

Laviollete was asked if the approaching playoffs might be a valid excuse for running more of a frat house, and a reason for neglecting a few of the chores around the house.

“I say that to her sometimes, like it might have some merit. “Honey, I’m in charge of an NHL team, I gotta get in and figure out the Bruins, and the power play and the penalty kill and lineups.” “Just make sure those sheets are changed.”

The Capitals wrap-up their regular season schedule Tuesday night when they host the Boston Bruins at Capital One Arena. Puck drop is set for 7:00 PM.

By Jon Sorensen

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