Luxury Swiss Watchmaker Hublot Releases New Watch in Honor of Alex Ovechkin and His Accomplishments

Photos: Hublot

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot is releasing a Big Bang Unico Red Carbon watch in honor of Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin and his accomplishments. Here are the details of this new, limited-edition accessory.

According to Hublot, the watch contains a lightweight carbon fiber case fused with bright red inserts, which come on a red velcro strap. The red accents consist of micro-glass fibers in the form of “Non-Woven Fabric” (NWF) used to strengthen the composite material from which the case is made.

During the preparation of the composite, this NWF and carbon fiber are fused with a resin-tinted adhesive. The strength and resilience of this watch reflect the strength and resilience Ovechkin has shown during his career.

Ovechkin’s Russian heritage and the Capitals’ team colors of red, white, and blue are shown on the watch and chronograph hand. Other distinctive touches include a Great Eight logo where the number 8 is on the dial, Ovechkin’s signature on the sapphire crystal case back, and a custom hockey puck signed by Ovechkin himself.


Photos: Hublot

Ovechkin, who is known as Hublot Friend of the Brand, said it is a “huge honor” to work with his “favorite” watch brand and design one that is named after him. “When Hublot asked which model we should work on together, it one hundred percent had to be the Big Bang Unico,” he said, adding, “I love this watch. It’s bold, technical, innovative, daring, strong, and fits perfectly on my wrist. I am so happy to share this story of the watch with hockey and Hublot fans around the world.”

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe called Ovechin a “legend of hockey” and how they were “thrilled” to call him a Hublot Friend of the Brand in 2018. “We love working with Ovi! He’s a winner, both on and off the ice. It’s been a huge pleasure creating this special watch with him,” Guadalupe said. “The carbon fiber, the red, the in-house UNICO mechanical movement, the fusion of materials – it’s the perfect expression of Hublot’s bold watchmaking philosophy and of our partnership. Thank you, Ovi!”

The suggested retail price is $26,200 USD.

This isn’t the first watch Hublot has designed in honor of Ovechkin. When Ovechkin hit 700 career NHL goals, Hublot released a special “700vi” watch nearly a year ago.

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