Report: NBC Will Announce Replacement For Doc Emrick Later In NHL Season

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The New York Post is reporting that NBC plans to wait until later in the NHL season before deciding who will follow the legendary Doc Emrick as the TV voice of the Stanley Cup.

According to the Post, the leading candidates are Kenny Albert, Brendan Burke and John Forslund. Mike Tirico, who is the face of NBC, still can’t be ruled out as he has done games, but with the Summer Olympics scheduled so close to the Cup Final, he is not the favorite at the moment. If Tirico wants to add the Stanley Cup to his resume, he probably could make it happen.

According to the post, the situation is in flux for a variety of reasons as NBC formulates its plans. It wants to show deference to Emrick, who is arguably hockey’s all-time best play-by-player. Its contract with the NHL ends at the conclusion of this year. And, perhaps most importantly, with the pandemic still ongoing it is possible the schedule could be disrupted. As of right now, the Stanley Cup would conclude on July 9 at the latest.

Emrick officially announced his retirement on October 19 per a shared announcement with NBC Sports.

“I hope I can handle retirement OK,” he said Sunday night from his home in Michigan, “especially since I’ve never done it before. But I’ve just been extremely lucky for 50 years. And NBC has been so good to me, especially since the pandemic, when I was allowed to work from home in a studio NBC created.

Affectionately known as “Doc” for his doctorate in communications, Emrick, 74, has been the voice for NHL games on NBC and NBC Sports for 15 years. He served as the play-by-play announcer for the New Jersey Devils for 21 seasons.

“Now, into my golden years, this just seemed to be the time that was right.

“Plus, I’ve now accumulated enough frequent-flyer miles — to not go anywhere.”

Emrick is a 19-year cancer survivor. He earned his Ph.D. and nickname in broadcasting while at Bowling Green. He and his wife, Joyce, plus dogs and horses, have lived for years in Michigan.

NHL broadcast setups

Albert, Burke, Steve Cangialosi, Sam Rosen, etc. will call NHL games the same way they are done locally for the NBA. For home games, they will be at the arena, but they will not travel to road games, instead doing them in studio. If the COVID-19 vaccine changes the circumstances, the situation may alter. NBC will travel for some games and be in its Stamford, Conn. studios for others.

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    I vote for Kenny Albert. Forslund is awful IMHO

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