Capitals’ Garnet Hathaway and Nic Dowd’s Podcast, “Between Two Blue Lines” Returns for Season 2

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The Washington Capitals announced on Thursday morning that forwards Garnet Hathaway and Nic Dowd’s Between Two Blue Lines podcast is returning for a season two in the new year. Episode one has been wrapped and is available for listening here.

You can also listen through Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Dowd and Hathaway discuss the upcoming NHL season.

The Capitals are the first NHL team to have players create their own podcast series. Between Two Blue Lines has generated nearly 35,300 listens just through 10 episodes since the October 2019 launch.

In an article by Front Office Sports, Capitals’ manager of digital media, Zach Guerette, said podcasts had been a “back-burner item” over the last few years. When Dowd and Hathaway pitched the podcast idea, they received positive feedback and decided to give it a try.

Between Two Blue Lines isn’t your typical hockey podcast as this is hosted by the players. “We honestly talk about the on-ice part of the game very minimally – we try to focus solely on personality and lifestyle content,” Guerette said. Since the debut, the focus is geared towards their personal lives instead of their professional jobs. Special guests have also appeared on the podcast.

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Dowd described the podcast as an “intimate” experience. “We want to bring the fans a little bit of awareness in our daily lives. It’s a close-knit community of hockey players, and it gives the fans a sneak peek into what we do and our families.”

Power Up, a D.C.-based snacks brand specializing in trail mix, nuts, and spices is the presenting partner for the podcast. Dowd and Hathaway munch on trail mix and discuss favorite flavors in some episodes. Dennis Peters, Director of Marketing at Power Up’s parent company Gourmet Nuts, appreciates the Capitals’ players “genuine” chemistry. He added, “It can flow pretty naturally, and these guys have that kind of personality where they delivered it really genuinely, and you can tell they actually loved the product, which is just worth a million dollars.”

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