3-On-3 Hockey “Barnstorming” May Be Coming To Your Town Next Summer

“Barnstorming” is making a comeback. The original barnstorming days took place when stunt pilots traveled from town to town during the Roaring Twenties, performing tricks—either individually or in groups called flying circuses. However, the latest incarnation of “barnstorming” exchanges air planes for hockey sticks and could be coming to your town next summer.

The 3ICE 3-on-3 hockey league, led by former NHLer’s Brian Trottier, Grant Fuhr, Guy Carbonneau, Joe Mullen and Larry Murphy announced on Thursday via press release that it is planning to drop the puck on June 20th, 2021.

NEW YORK — A few years after a 3-on-3 basketball league took the court, 3-on-3 hockey is launching next summer.

The 3ICE league is planning to start its inaugural season on June 20. The league is expecting to make nine barnstorming stops around North America during the summer of 2021.

It has narrowed the list of cities to 13, including U.S. NHL markets Boston, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Nashville, Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio, and plans to finalize those locations by Thanksgiving. Toronto and Quebec City are the Canadian cities in the running, along with American Hockey League markets Hershey, Pennsylvania; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Providence, Rhode Island.

Six of the eight teams are to be coached by Hockey Hall of Famers: Brian Trottier, Grant Fuhr, Guy Carbonneau, Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy and Angela Ruggiero.

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