Henrik Lundqvist And Family Come to Washington

Yes, it’s real. Henrik Lundqvist really has come to Washington DC. Lundqvist posted several images to his social media accounts on Sunday showing he and his family visiting Capitals’ headquarters, Georgetown and the Washington Monument.

Lundqvist and his family first visited the Capitals’ practice facility at MedStar Capitals Iceplex in Ballston, Virginia. He posted a picture with his two daughters, Charlise (age 8) and Juuli (age 5), in front of his new locker room stall at the facility.

After his trip to the facility, he took the girls to Washington DC. The girls can be seen doing cartwheels on the Mall with the Washington Monument in the background. He included the caption, “Roadtrip. Checking out our new surroundings and we LIKE it😎”

[Note also: his Instagram name reflects his new uniform number with the Caps — #35.]

The Capitals also shared a picture of Lundqvist sitting at his new stall at MedStar Capitals Iceplex.

Lundqvist also shared a video of he and his daughters having fun on the deserted streets of Georgetown.

Lundqvist and his family still live in New York City where his daughters attend school.

Lundqvist said in a recent interview that he will begin making plans to move to Washington, while he is uncertain if his family will move here full time while his kids are still in school.

“We take it as it comes. I’m going there, but we’ll see how the rest of the family does. Right now the kids are going to school in New York, so, well, like I said, we’ll take it as it comes.

Lundqvist told Aftonbladet that he and his family considered other teams.

“We looked at other clubs as well, and those were good alternatives, but the Capitals felt like the right decision,” said Lundqvist.

“I have played a lot against them and know that they are a very good team. In addition, I have only heard good things about the club and had rewarding conversations with several on the team, including the general manager, the coach and Bäckström.”

Lundqvist signed a one-year deal with the Capitals on October 9.

By Diane Doyle

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