15 Years Later – A Love Letter from Tatyana Ovechkina to her Son

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On October 5, 2005, Alexander Ovechkin made his NHL debut for the Washington Capitals against the Columbus Blue Jackets. In his first game, he would lay a hit on an opposing player early in the game which resulted in breaking the Plexiglas surrounding the rink. He would also score two goals. Quite the opening statement.

15 years later his mother, Tatyana Ovechkina, who won two gold medals for the Soviet Union in basketball, sent her son a touching letter on the anniversary of his first game. The letter was first reported by Sport24.

Sasha, good afternoon!

I remember very well the day when you made your debut for Washington. To be honest, there was no atmosphere at the stadium that day. The championship began, but there were very few fans at the match. True, after the first game, in which you scored two goals, and even shattered the glass, there were more and more people at the matches.

To be honest, that match with “Columbus” is still in front of my eyes. Of course, the stands perked up when you started to score. The Americans immediately started chanting your name. Still, I was shocked that so few spectators had gathered at the match. Yes, in Russia, more people went to hockey. Now, of course, the number of people who support Washington is incomparably greater. You made the capital of the USA root for the Capitals!

I remember how after the match everyone was happy and happy that the team acquired such a successful player. And you still make us all happy with your game. You were very happy after the match. I remember we went to a small Italian restaurant and ate. Everything was just great!

Actually, on the day before your debut match for Washington, I didn’t have much excitement. The game is the game. It seems to me that we prepared for that match in the same way as for everyone else.

Sasha, today I want to wish you health – this is the most important thing. It all depends on health – both life and sports. If you, your family and your loved ones are healthy, then everything will be great for you.

After his first game, Ovechkin spoke to reporters:

“It was very hot. I couldn’t even breathe. I don’t know what the matter is, maybe because there were a lot of people, not like in the preseason. But in the second period, the tension subsided, breathing returned to normal and I felt a surge of strength. Nerves made themselves felt in the first seconds of the first shift. It was necessary to throw at the goal or attach someone to the board to calm down. And I succeeded immediately.

“After the first goal, I blew a kiss into the sky – it was a dedication to my late brother. And  dedicated the second goal to parents. After each goal I looked for them with my eyes in the stands. Father was easily noticed.”

Game Highlights

Ovechkin’s Hit to Radislav Suchy

Ovechkin’s first two goals

In the past, she has sent letters to her son for passing Sergei Fedorov for most NHL goals by a Russian and after passing the 600 goal milestone.

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