Alex Ovechkin Attends Moscow Dynamo Soccer Game And Announces Roster

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin and his wife Nastya attended the soccer game between Moscow Dynamo and Krasnodar held in Moscow on Sunday. The game was the tenth round of the Russian Premier League.

While at the game, Ovechkin announced the roster for Dynamo at the start of the contest. He also hit the ceremonial gong which, according to the revived tradition, is hit at Dynamo exactly five minutes before the end of regular time in the second half.

Ovechkin was also interviewed following the game. He was asked about who he rooted for in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“For the Russian guys. There were a lot of Russian guys. And Radul, and Guryan, and Khudoba …

“I was worried about everyone. Our guys won anyway. And Kuch won, and Sergachev. I’m glad for everyone.

“I wasn’t rooting for the team. I congratulated everyone. From the bottom of my heart,” said Ovechkin on the air of Match Premier.

Photo: Dmitri Golubovich

Ovechkin was asked about playing bubble hockey.

“A game without fans is a little different, of course. But whoever won, won. I don’t condemn the winners. I don’t say anything bad about the winners. I’m happy for Tampa, for our guys who won there.”

Captain Ocechkin was also asked about breaking Wayne Gretzky’s goal record. He said that it will be difficult for him to beat the record for the number of goals scored in the NHL.

“Well, it’s necessary, but it will be hard. We’ll wait and see, “Ovechkin said on the Match TV channel Premier.

Photo: Dmitri Golubovich

Ovechkin noted that the match was great, the fans at the stadium should have enjoyed it. From a psychological point of view, it was important to beat Krasnodar today.

Ovechkin also said he would also like to play for Dynamo football. At any position, to enter at the end of the match for a couple of minutes.

Photo: Dmitri Golubovich

Dynamo won the game,  2-0.

After hearing Ovechkin’s comments about playing soccer for FC Dynamo someday, the Russian Rugby Federation was quick to put out their own recruitment tweet.

“We think that such a powerful, strong and always ready to contact player would be better suited to a rugby club! 😉”

We think they make a good point.

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