Martin Fehervary Will Not Play At Home In Slovakia During Break Between NHL Seasons

Capitals’ defenseman Martin Fehervary returned home to Bratislava, Slovakia a day after the Capitals were eliminated from the 2020 postseason. Since returning to his homeland, Fehervary has spent his time fishing and hanging out with friends, but the itch to get back on the ice is already happening. He just wants to play hockey.

Late last month we told you that Fehervary was considering playing for one of the local teams, Slovana Bratislava or Bratislava Capitals, while he was away from North America. Since then, the Capitals have notified Fehervary that they don’t want him playing hockey during the break, which could be yet another sign the 20-year-old is primed for a roster spot this coming season. But for bow, it’s a time for rest.

In a recent interview with, Fehervary was asked how he is spending his free time.

“Ever since I returned from America, I have taken (off) a total of almost three weeks at the beginning. I spent most of my time fishing and with friends. I didn’t go anywhere on vacation, I still went to play football  (soccer) and golf. I am now at the beginning of the training and I am training fully this week.”

For Fehervary, three weeks away from the ice is a long time. Too long. He is already planning his return.

“… in about two weeks I would like to start skating on the ice regularly. But not often, about twice a week. I was not allowed to play for another team by the Capitals…We’ll see what happens in the NHL. There is still a possibility that the start of the season will be delayed. Most likely, however, they will not allow me to play. I will just prepare for the November camp. Personally, I would love to play, but Washington didn’t let me go.”

Fehervary was asked if he had received any specific instructions from the Capitals regarding preparations for the coming season. 

“No. I only have a message from them to prepare for the beginning of the camp. It is scheduled to begin on November 17. That’s all I know at the moment.”

Martin, like the rest of us, is unsure about the status for the start of the 2020-21 NHL season, and he’s just taking it as it comes.

“…Personally, I would like to play hockey as soon as possible, whether it is here or the NHL in America. I would love to play right now. ”

Fehervary was asked if he thought the Capitals were expecting him to be on the roster this coming season. He’s taking the right approach with media regarding that question.

“I can’t say that at all right now. I firmly believe so. I’ll go in and say I want to play in the NHL. We’ll see how it all develops. I do not know what their plans are with me at the club. However, I want to be part of the first team from the beginning of the season. ”

Fehervary was asked about the Capitals’ coaching change, and his thoughts about Mike Babcock being a candidate for the job. Nothing phases this kid, including the possibility of playing for Babcock.

“You know what, I wasn’t afraid of him. I have never had a problem with strict trainers. I’ve experienced enough of them. I’m a conscientious player, so I have nothing to fear. I don’t even have a problem with mental pressure or hard training.

But finally Peter Laviolette came, whom I don’t know personally. However, I have heard that he prefers harder workouts, which suits me. I believe that we will sit down and it will be a good cooperation for our organization as well.”

You can read the entire interview here.

By Jon Sorensen

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