Martin Fehervary Discusses the Playoffs, Plans To Play In Europe Prior To The Start of The Next NHL Season and Fishing During Quarantine

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Washington Capitals defenseman Martin Fehervary exited the bubble in Toronto on Saturday. He returned to his home in Bratislava, but quickly packed up his fishing gear and headed to a nearby lake to serve his mandatory quarantine. While fishing lakeside, Fehervary spoke to Sport.Sk about the playoffs, plans to play in Europe before returning for next season, life inside the bubble and his injury sustained against the New York Islanders. The following is a translation of certain portions of the interview.

The Capitals were eliminated on Thursday and you flew home on Saturday. Why did you get a ticket so fast?

“First of all, I didn’t expect to be eliminated in the playoffs in the first round. We wanted to play our best and stay as long as possible. I came home much earlier than I wanted. As for the ticket, I didn’t know what it would be like, but the guys from the other teams that dropped out went home right away. After all, I wouldn’t have anything to do in the bubble in Toronto. I’m glad I’m home.”

Have you chosen your own quarantine on the water?

“Yes. I’m a fisherman. I go to the water often. I was wondering how I would spend the quarantine. I came home, packed my things, and went to the water for five days. It will definitely be better for me than to be locked in an apartment in Bratislava.”

Have you managed to catch anything?

“I just caught a nice carp. Richard Pánik and I missed the transfer flight, so we didn’t get to Slovakia until Saturday afternoon. I got to the water in the evening. I’m here instead of a holiday, because I don’t want to travel anywhere because of the pandemic. I didn’t want to risk my trip abroad and the threat of infection. I’m fine on the water.”

US television NBC reported that you did not enter the last games of the playoff series due to injury. What is the extent of your problems?

“Yes, I was injured in a game against the New York Islanders. I do not want to specify the problem, I have already had a similar injury. It is in the upper part of the body. Fortunately, it’s nothing serious. After quarantine, I will go to a physiotherapist. It’s getting better every day, and they said in the final medical tests that I would heal quickly.”

As one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, you were eliminated in the first round by the New York Islanders. What do you make of the failure of your team?

“It was unexpected and it’s definitely not pleasant. However, the Islanders were a tough opponent who played responsibly. Unfortunately, they were better than us. The New York club had an excellent defense, they helped each other on the power play. They didn’t make mistakes.”

Before the season restarted, you said you were going to show how you are ready for NHL right now. Did you meet your expectations?

“I think I did well. I could have played more games, but my injury slowed me down. I’ll get together and see what the future holds. ”

The Capitals were eliminated for the second time in a row in the first round of the playoffs after winning the Stanley Cup. Do you expect big changes with the staff?

“It’s hard to say what happens and how management thinks. The NHL is a business. Nobody knows what will happen. It is possible that changes will occur.”

However, your future looks positive?

“I think it’s positive. I have the first overseas season behind me, I played a few games in the NHL, as well as in the playoffs. I believe I have shown that I am ready for the NHL.”

Did you get feedback on your performance from management?

“Yes, they told me I played well. They were satisfied. I felt good too. Radko Gudas helped me a lot. ”

How is playoff hockey other than basic hockey played in the elimination part?

“It’s easier to play. Not invented. Every error counts. Risky things are minimized. It’s more physical, which suited me. ”

Do you take a break or do you go straight to full training after quarantine?

“I’ll rest for a moment. Already after the end in March, I had a two- or three-week break and went to training. Now I also want to heal the injury. I’ll take about two weeks off, and then we’ll see what happens. ”

Will you be watching the Battle of the Stanley Cup? Who do you favor for his?

“I won’t watch the games when we’re no longer in the game, but I favor Colorado. They have a great young team with a great leader in Nathan McKinnon. However, it is difficult to determine the favorite, the NHL is unpredictable. ”

Manager Maroš Krajči expressed his desire to see you in the Slovan Bratislava jersey at the beginning of the season. What do you say to that?

“They have already contacted me through my father. We will see how it ends. In addition to Slovan Bratislava, I also received an offer from the Bratislava Capitals, from where Dušan Pašek called me. I’d like to start the season somewhere, but we’ll see what happens and whether the Washington leadership lets me go.”

Didn’t you have a chance to deal with the agent yet?

“No, after all, the team was still playing on Thursday. I’ll deal with it this week. There is enough time for that. I believe that I will play somewhere before the start of the season overseas.”

If you had to choose in Bratislava between Slovan and Capitals, who do you prefer?

“I do not want to specify it. We will see how we agree. ”

You can read the entire interview here.

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    Somewhat surprised he wants to play in Europe between now and November when camps start up, but that’s Martin. He wants to play hockey. Period.

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