No NHL Players Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 Since Entering the Toronto and Edmonton Bubbles Two Weeks Ago

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The NHL announced on Monday afternoon that no players have tested positive for the Coronavirus in the past week. From August 2- August 8, 7,245 tests were administered among all 24 teams in the second week of Phase 4 of the league’s Return to Play Plan.

Teams arrived at the bubbles for the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs in Toronto (Eastern Conference) and Edmonton (Western Conference) on July 26 and players got tested as they arrived at their hotels. All players and members of the clubs’ 52-member party will get tested daily.

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The league announced last week that no players tested positive during the first week in the bubble. The NHL and coaches cannot disclose any information regarding player injuries or illnesses during the 2020 playoffs to protect a player’s medical privacy.

By Della Young

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3 Responses to No NHL Players Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 Since Entering the Toronto and Edmonton Bubbles Two Weeks Ago

  1. Scottlew73 says:

    I think statements like this are an absolute joke! With how many hundred of thousands of cases in US,& still thousands in Canada are we stupid enough to think not “1” person in “bubble” hasn’t tested +! Thier have been a couple players sent home for “undisclosed” issues(possible covid!),& also it’s playoffs,a guy could be carrying his freshly severed leg in his arm & team would still say”lower body injury”!! Supreme Leader(Gary Bettman) would fit in great with government pr job because no one wants to be first to “burst” bubble,that everyone is afraid to fart withen 10 feet of testing because if they turn red with embarrassment people will think thier running fever !

    • Anonymous says:

      Which players have been sent home? I don’t think it’s implausible to have zero negatives with the type of bubble they’ve created.

  2. Scottlew73 says:

    One member I believe from Vancouver was sent home for “undisclosed reasons” after they’d entered “bubble”,you know bloody well what “problem” was the league just didn’t want “real” reason to be made know!notice how Lars Eller & others that had kids on the way were made know why they were going! Like the old saying about war…”Truth is the first casualty!”

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