Bubble Views From A Capitals Fan in Toronto

Photos: @capswmn

If you’re a regular reader of NoVa Caps then you’re well aware we love to provide a platform for our readers to share their experiences, voice opinions and provide first-hand accounts of the Washington Capitals and the Capitals community. Today’s reader’s post comes from Kyla Dhanraj who is a diehard Capitals fan living in Toronto, Ontario. Kyla was kind enough to share a few photos and videos she took from just outside the Capitals bubble in Toronto. Thank you for sharing, Kyla! (Give here a follow on Twitter at @capswmn)

Toronto, Ontario – The Washington Capitals have been inside the NHL bubble for a little over a week now, and I’ve had the pleasure of living just five minutes away. In a strange way, this has given me a close-up view of the Capitals that I usually only experience at games once a year.

The NHL bubble is blocked off with fences and black mesh around Hotel X leading to the BMO field. In between the field and the hotel there is a road where the buses roll up to take the hockey players to and from the arena.

On Tuesday July 27th I walked around the perimeter of Hotel X and spotted a hotel window with a Capitals decal sticker on the outside. I am not sure which Capitals players room this is, but it was awesome to see the Capitals pride shown.

I then walked by BMO field and you could hear one of the exhibition hockey games being shown on the big screen. From my understanding the players can head to the field to watch any of the hockey games live. They have chairs on the field and I took a peek in but did not see any players.

After the Capitals exhibition game on Wednesday July 28th I headed over to the bubble and managed to catch the team returning from their win against the Canes. The video below shows them exiting the buses and heading back to their hotel rooms.

The buses exit through one area that is guarded by security and you can see that each bus is labeled with the team name and a number.

Tonight (Monday) after the game I also caught the Caps returning from their game against Tampa Bay.

The NHL bubble area is a popular area for runners and bikers, as its close to the waterfront and there are a lot of paths. Overall, many people do not stop to look or really care what is going on.

I think a big part of that is the bubble being in Maple Leaf’s nation. I will continue to document the Capitals from outside in and show my support for the team I love.  All that matters in the end is that the Capitals are here and I am ready to watch their journey to the Stanley Cup. GO CAPS GO!

By Kyla Dhanraj

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